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Why religion needs sacred song

“Sacred song is one of the most social aspects of religious practice. But it is also an intimate embodied experience.”


Liturgy Lines: What’s Special about Matthew?

Matthew’s gospel begins with the reassurance that Jesus has come to be with us, and concludes with Christ’s promise to remain with us until the end of time.


Am I missing something in The Roman Missal (English translation)?

I just discovered that the English Translation According to the Third Typical Edition (2011) does not seem to include an appendix with the entire Latin text of the Mass, that is, the Ordo Missae. In contrast, the previous Sacramentary (1975) …


Wedding and the Liturgy of the Hours

How a liturgist celebrated his wedding within the Liturgy of the Hours, and why this might be a quite good idea.


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Hearing Impairment Shouldn’t Impair Worship

Although mild to moderate hearing loss is a common phenomenon, especially among older parishioners, there is not always an awareness of it and accommodations may not be made for their needs at church.


Patrick Regan, OSB, RIP [updated]

Pray Tell has received word that Abbot Patrick Regan passed away last night at 8 pm.


Anglican Evensong in St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica will be hosting an Anglican Evensong on March 13th. This date has been chosen as the nearest available day to the historic feast day of St Gregory the Great.


Filipinos for the beatification of a Japanese Samuari

In a time of rising isolationism in many parts of the world, this celebration seems to stand boldly as a reminder of the boundedness that Christians of all nations share in our baptism and faith.



Dives and Lazarus: The Pope’s Lenten Message

What are you doing for Lent this year?


Anointing of the Sick and Consumerism

Last fall, I offered a reflection on anointing of the sick. Here, I follow up with some additional reflection on anointing in a secularized society characterized by consumerism.


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