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Archive for category Young Adults

A new book from James Martin SJ — on prayer

This would be a great book to share with anyone who is interested in cultivating a liturgical spirituality, or interested in refreshing their prayer life in general.


Wedding Officiating for “Nones”

What to do when your non-religiously-affiliated friends ask you to officiate at their wedding.

What College Students See When They Attend Worship

“As a non-Catholic attending a Catholic institution, I have had the privilege of becoming more acquainted with the Catholic faith and I would like to think that I’m not completely incompetent when it comes to some of the traditions that the church holds. However, when I was in the service and trying to participate respectfully, I felt very much out of the loop.”

Confirmation, Faith, and Emil Nolde’s “Pentecost”

Sometimes we forget the many languages spoken at Pentecost and expect a common sacramental experience/formula in our pastoral approach to Confirmation. Nolde offers us an artistic corrective.


The Lord often reveals to the younger what is best

I have this set of juice glasses in my house. I have been putting them away in the cabinet a few times a week for three years.

I have a 10 year old boy in my house, too…

False Nostalgia: The Culture of the Latin Mass from a Millennial’s Perspective

Catholics were not participating in the Mass and generally had no idea what was going on…

Viewpoint: By the Age of Ten, Young Catholics Are Losing Their Faith

How Many Times Do I Need to Read Genesis?

Our engagement with revelation—from Genesis to the traditions of faith cultivated by the Christian churches—can never stop, rest, or cease, but only continue.

Interview: Steve Warner

Perhaps most memorable moment with the Folk Choir: more than twenty years of singing on Mother’s Day at a maximum security prison in northern Indiana, and receiving a blessing from the offenders at the end of our concerts.

On Veiling in Worship

In an intriguing twist on ancient and ever new concerns over women’s appropriate attire in worship, recent years have witnessed a renewed interest in chapel veils, aka mantillas, in some Catholic circles. How to think about this renewed interest?