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Alternative Facts on Vatican II

After the Second Vatican Council, church attendance numbers in Germany declined. It is frequently maintained that there is a causal connection between the two. But is this really true?

What to Do With the Filioque

The filioque debate is a well known ecumenical issue. I give my ideas for a viable solution, mainly with regard to the liturgy.

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The Fifty-first Anniversary of the Closing of Vatican II

Sometimes I think of the mystery of the Incarnation—central to Advent and Christmas—as God deciding to enroll in the “Human Being 101” course. Not because God didn’t grasp what it was like to be fully human, but because WE didn’t grasp that God fully knew our human experience. So, in the person of Jesus, God lived among us and knew our joys and hopes, our griefs and anxieties first-hand. And we still unfold and celebrate that mystery in our own day-by-day living as members of Christ’s Body.

Auxiliary bishops and why they are (not) needed

The existence of auxiliary bishops in the Catholic Church is comprehensible, but not very helpful for the theology of episcopacy according to the Second Vatican Council.

Is Liturgical Reform Possible?

In my book, I suggested that we will know liturgical reform has been effective when our Orthodox people are Paschal in every aspect of their lives.

Thomas Merton on Liturgical Reform

A liturgical reform that is centered on a communion of love must have at its heart an openness to others, and so an openness to a diversity of views.

Viewpoint: Should Mass Be Celebrated with the Priest Facing Away from the People?

It would be unwise to change the post-Vatican II practice now. It would cause confusion and irritation. So, I will not start celebrating Mass facing away from the people on the first Sunday of Advent.

Traditional Latin Mass in New Hampshire

Perhaps you saw this AP story – I’m quoted in it.

Latin as Language of the Liturgy: The Discussion before the Second Vatican Council

It is not about a “mysterious rite,” but rather a mystery of faith which is to be grasped at ever deeper levels, to be lived and proclaimed.

Loris Francesco Capovilla, RIP

Here’s one under-reported aspect of Capovilla’s story, and it has to do with Pope Francis.