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Archive for category Translation / New Missal

Some Questions about the Retranslated Marriage Rite

By now, publishers have received the copy of the Marriage Rite for use beginning September 8. Composers are at work setting the texts.

A Mass lacking architectural integrity

Lots of things happened during a solemn parish liturgy, but they didn’t add up.

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Non solum: Prayers over the People in Lent

When the newly translated Missal first came out, I thought these were an enrichment.

Andrea Grillo on Translation

The German bishops reportedly will not submit any translations to Rome for approval as long as Liturgiam authenticam is in effect.

The Significance of the New Irish Missal

It is to be hoped that this new edition of An Leabhar Aifrinn Rómhánach will encourage a new flowering of Irish culture. In fact, the evangelization of culture is one of the greatest challenges facing Christianity in contemporary Ireland.

Irish Missal Published

This is a unique publication, and is hugely significant not only for the Church in Ireland, but for all who cherish this culture and heritage, particularly the Irish language

The Curse of Clericalism

Nothing remarkable there; indeed, the sort of things that liturgists have talked about both informally and formally during the past 50 years.

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The Revised Order of Celebrating Matrimony

This text may be used as of September 8, 2016, and its use is mandatory as of December 30, 2016.

Reading and Speaking

Often things that seem perfectly fine on the page seem awkward or unclear in the mouth and on the ear.

What Should a Sixth Instruction Contain?

What provisions would you add, keep, strengthen, revise, or throw, and why?