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One-Fourth of Younger Priests Dislike New Roman Missal

Here’s Pray Tell’s proposal: let’s take the views of all clergy seriously – old and young.


A Unifying Solution for the Missal Situation

I’ve been around the block enough by now to know that when I make a grand proposal such as this, which is the high middle ground destined to unite everyone in perfect peace, with me as the hero who saved the day, the result rather is that I’m fired on from all sides. I’m ready. Fire away.

David Gibson: Will the latest Catholic Mass translation get another overhaul?

Critics of the new missal have also been buoyed by last year’s election of Pope Francis, who has shown himself to be far more relaxed about liturgical customs and a big change from Pope Benedict XVI, who was a stickler for old-fashioned rites and a chief proponent of the new English translations.

Fr. Tony Cutcher, NFPC president, on the new missal: “From condemnation to constructive criticism”

“Armed with the latest data, we can take this opportunity to help craft a revision that stays true to the text and at the same time is accessible to all.”

CARA Study: Majority of U.S. Clergy Dislike the New Roman Missal

According to a landmark national study released today, Catholic clergy and lay parish leaders in the United Stated do not like the new Roman Missal which was introduced in November 2011

Paul Philibert (and Yves Congar) on the Center, the Periphery, and Missal Translation

“The contrast between the broad vision of the council and the Vatican’s recent micromanagement of liturgical texts is stark.” – Fr. Paul Philibert


Yves Congar, My Journal of the Council, Part XXXIV

Mass, DURING WHICH a choir sang chants in honor of the Blessed Sacrament. Why the blazes can’t we just have a Mass that is a Mass! The Constitution on the Liturgy is already a dead letter for many!

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Musings on the New Missal

When the new missal came out, at first I thought I’d correct its biggest problems when I celebrated Mass.

Missalia Omnia: New Missals and New Translations from Liturgical Press

The new series comes at a time when discussion of the translation of the new Roman Missal continues to be heated, and when all book publishers, but especially liturgical publishers, are facing stiff market challenges.

Pope Shocker: New Ecumenical English Missal!

Pope Francis, ever taking people by surprise, in only the second year of his papacy, pointedly, on the feast day of a woman saint, St Theodora (April 1), is formally signing the declaration that he has the agreement of significant English-speaking churches and ecclesial communities to work towards a new Ecumenical English Missal.