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Cardinal George on the New Translation in America

Cardinal Geoprge thinks that the new translation has been “well done” and “the collects are truly beautiful.”

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Spanish-language Leccionario Postponed

Difficulties will have to be ironed out, and the Holy See will have to clarify some things. By when? Anybody’s guess.


Glory to God in the… Oh, Nevermind

Is “formal correspondence” more important than accuracy?

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An inter-confessional Bible gets Pope’s approval [updated]

Will the views expressed by Pope Francis on translating the Bible influence future ecumenical collaboration on translating liturgical texts?

My Personal Encounters with the New Archbishop of Chicago

Bishop Cupich told me that I was right about the new Roman Missal.

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Death of a Poet

Heaney’s voice, through his written and spoken word has been concluded yet the resonance from his life’s work is far from lost. We are fortunate to have shared a time of passage with a great man, a poet and person of distinction. He spoke to us and for us in a language carefully crafted and finely tuned.

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‘Liturgical abuse’ is a linguistic misuse

Especially in liturgical matters, ‘abuse’ is a literalist mistranslation of the Latin abusus.

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Heard at NPM: Some Movement on the Translation Front?

So… some interesting movement on the translation front. And also on the ecclesiastical centralism front.

Irish Missal Survey

The Association of Catholic Priests (ACP) recently commissioned a Missal survey polling the Irish clergy on the new English translation of the Roman Missal.


New English translation of the Exsultet – Yeah or Nay?

For what it’s worth, I rather like it.

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