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Notes on the Introit and Collect of Trinity Sunday

For chant geeks and translation geeks.

The Missal of Zaire and the Committee to Review Liturgiam Authenticam

The experience of liturgy in Congo raises important questions about how the directives of Liturgiam authenticam can be brought into relationship with other developments in the post-Vatican II church.

Notes on the Committee to Revise Liturgiam Authenticam

The task, the people, and the limitations to what we can expect.

Who Is on the Commission to Revise Liturgiam Authenticam

A leaked list of members of the Vatican commission to revise Liturgiam authenticam has appeared. It represents a wide range of opinions on questions of liturgy, translation, reform, and church.

Viewpoint: What Does it Mean to Say that Jesus “Descended Into Hell”?

The Catechism situates Jesus’ descent into hell in a larger context…. Jesus, like all men, experienced death and in his soul joined the others in the realm of the dead.

Am I missing something in The Roman Missal (English translation)?

I just discovered that the English Translation According to the Third Typical Edition (2011) does not seem to include an appendix with the entire Latin text of the Mass, that is, the Ordo Missae. In contrast, the previous Sacramentary (1975) …

Pray Tell begs to differ

“Dynamic equivalence is outmoded” – True or False?

Do Translators Wear Prada?

I actually do believe that translators—metaphorically speaking—should wear Prada. As should the theologians, writers, poets, and singing musicians who work with them. It’s a good thing to have knowledgeable people working on the liturgy’s linguistic attire.

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America announces the Pope has ordered new review of missal translation [UPDATED]

“The new commission set up by Pope Francis will review this whole matter, together with the issue of inculturation and the question of what decentralization is desirable in matters relating to the liturgy.”

Cuthbert Johnson, OSB, RIP – UPDATED 1-19

Abbot Emeritus Cuthbert Johnson, a key player in the “translation wars”, has died

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