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“Book of the Chair” Pursued by US Bishops

It seems that commonsense is prevailing now.

Viewpoint: The Most Enlightened, Unambiguous, Courageous, Ecumenical, and Silliest Recent News

Writing a regular column like “Viewpoint” requires me to collect oodles of news and feature items from a variety of sources. Here are five to which I cannot devote whole columns, but which deserve mention nevertheless.

Liturgical Translations: The Road Ahead

“Competing visions of how liturgy and language develop are embodied in the controversy surrounding translation. On the one hand, there is a vision of organic development, from the ground up, discerned and guided by the hierarchy. On the other, there is a vision of translators charged with producing a “sacral vernacular” expressing “timeless truths,” detached from changing circumstances on the ground. Which vision is correct? Is it possible to combine values from both perspectives?”


“A resolutely literal rendition…corresponding to nobody’s speech”

Preserving tradition versus speaking the language of today: a false choice?

Archbishop John Quinn in Interview

A leading voice for reform speaks out on Pope Francis, the Synod of Bishops, curia reform and decentralization, liturgical translation, reverence in the liturgy, and his hope for church renewal.

The USCCB Vote on the LoH Canticles

The absent bishops will now be polled.

Vox Clara meets in Rome

“Vox Clara must remain because its work is very precious…”

The scandalous (but true) story behind ICEL’s 1969 Lectionary for Mass

The untold story of how the ICEL 1969 Lectionary for Mass was put together so quickly.

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Dateline: April 4th, Holy Saturday, Scammon Bay, Alaska

In any event, in this post I hope some readers might find a glimpse into the church at one edge of the North American continent, as well as into the heart or soul of a veteran pastoral minister struggling with the Missal text in service to the church’s liturgical tradition.

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More Discussion on the New Translation

Two new articles have been written about the new translation.