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More beauty, less God?

“Cathedrals don’t bang on about God in cathedrals but they bang on about beauty and that’s why I love them.” –Simon Jenkins

Scientific Research: Worship Is Healthy

“Our findings support the overall hypothesis that increased religiosity – as determined by attendance at worship services – is associated with less stress and enhanced longevity.”

Liturgy as Evangelization

If liturgy isn’t for the unchurched at some level, then whom are we evangelizing?

Alternative Facts on Vatican II

After the Second Vatican Council, church attendance numbers in Germany declined. It is frequently maintained that there is a causal connection between the two. But is this really true?

Is Religious Faith Being Supplanted by Secular Xenophobic Nationalism?

“The culture war over religious morality has faded; in its place is something much worse.”

Anointing of the Sick and Consumerism

Last fall, I offered a reflection on anointing of the sick. Here, I follow up with some additional reflection on anointing in a secularized society characterized by consumerism.

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On Orthodox Fundamentalism

“The insidious danger of Orthodox fundamentalists is that they obfuscate the difference between tradition and fundamentalism. By repurposing the tradition as a political weapon, the ideologue deceives those who are not inclined to question the credibility of their religious leaders.”


“A Youth Movement in the Priesthood”

“These twenty-something priests — and others like them — are the future face of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. In an increasingly secular culture, they have their work cut out for them, but they say they are undaunted.”

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Thousands Leave German Churches to Avoid Tax

Up to 200,000 Germans are believed to have filed official declarations last year renouncing their membership of the Protestant church, the highest number in almost two decades. A similar number are thought to have left the Catholic Church.

M.T.D. and C.A.P.E. Catholics

Rather than scowl at the crowds who fill our pews four days a year, perhaps we need to learn what they have to teach us about the power of the Gospel.