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Archive for category Reform of the Reform

Of Awkward Chalices and Liturgical Reform

Why are old chalices so hard to use for administering communion? What does this tell us about the reformed liturgy and its relation to our liturgical past?

Bishop Callahan on Ad orientem

“I have shown my support for this practice as well as a deep concern that it be implemented appropriately and after proper consultation with the leadership of a parish, after truly hearing and respecting the People of God…”

Pentin on Francis on Liturgy

A “revolution in full swing”?

Lincoln: Ad Orientem Masses Encouraged during Advent

Today, at a time when it is easy to forget that Christ is coming—and easy to be complacent in our spiritual lives and in the work of evangelization…

Breaking: Pope Accepts Catholic Teaching

The pope’s acceptance of an ecumenical council will be controversial for some.

Liturgical (Reform of the) Reform and “Neighborhood People”

Liturgical “neighborhood people” are those who love the liturgy they grew up with and are attached to it not for the richness of its theology or the beauty of its words or music or vestments or architecture, but simply because it is theirs, and has been theirs through moments of great sorrow and moments of great joy, marking milestones in their lives and recalling for them the presence of God at those milestones.

Read Cardinal Sarah Accurately

One need not share Sarah’s enthusiasm for ad orientem to find his critique plausible.

Did the Presider Face East in the Early Church?

In the absence of explicit evidence, history is unable to settle the matter.

Cardinal Sarah on Silence

Some wanted everything in the liturgy to be immediately intelligible, rational, horizontal and human.

Viewpoint: Should Mass Be Celebrated with the Priest Facing Away from the People?

It would be unwise to change the post-Vatican II practice now. It would cause confusion and irritation. So, I will not start celebrating Mass facing away from the people on the first Sunday of Advent.