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More beauty, less God?

“Cathedrals don’t bang on about God in cathedrals but they bang on about beauty and that’s why I love them.” –Simon Jenkins

Confident Kindness Makes American Great…

Seek the LORD, all you humble of the earth…perhaps you may be sheltered.

A New Cardinal in the Crossroads of America

On behalf of “all Hoosiers”–many blessings on our new Cardinal!

Friars against the monks! Monks against the friars!

Sometimes you uncover an old dispute simmering under the unassuming cover of a Hesburgh Library volume…

Lord, I am Not Worthy But Speak the Word Only

Lent is a time of return, that which was lost is found again and a new beginning is sought. Lost sheep are brought back to the fold.

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A Monk of Our Time

Thomas Merton OCSO, monk of the Abbey of Gethsemane in Kentucky, died on this date in 1968, twenty seven years to the day after he entered the Abbey in 1941.

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Thomas Merton and the Future of Liturgical Renewal

“Thomas Merton has it right, I think, when he suggests reimagining the priesthood and the liturgy, and moving beyond older forms, be they pre-conciliar or post-conciliar. Fluidity rather than fixity is needed for a liturgy that is founded on relationality and the active participation of the entire assembly. The new wine of Spirit simply does not belong in the old wineskins either of Trent or Vatican II. The Church needs to encourage experimentation with new shapes for Eucharistic and other rituals.”

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Pope Paul VI on Liturgical Reform: Restoring Dignity, Beauty, Simplicity and Good Taste

“Remember, if the faithful sing they do not leave the Church; if they do not leave the Church, they keep the faith and live as Christians.”

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Pope Paul VI on Liturgical Reform: The Sublime Reality

“Look at the altar, placed now for dialogue with the assembly; consider the remarkable sacrifice of Latin, the priceless repository of the Church’s treasure.”

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Pope Paul VI on Liturgical Reform: Our Foremost Concern

“Accordingly, our foremost concern is clearly that the faithful, and especially priests, dedicate themselves first of all to the study of the Constitution on the Liturgy and from this moment on prepare themselves to carry out its prescriptions wholeheartedly as soon as these take effect.”

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