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German Lutheran Theologian Ready to Recognize the Bishop of Rome

One must make the most of every day this pope is with us, Schorlemme said.

“What a Bishop Might Want to Know” – and What Pope Francis Knows

“The young bishop gained a reputation for charm and humor; he became a frequently sought-out speaker for any function, secular or religious.”

What Does Pope Francis Mean to You?

On the fourth anniversary of the election of Pope Francis, Pray Tell writers speak from the heart about an extraordinary pope.

Bishop of Feldkirch, Austria, on Discussing Married Priests

“One can, and indeed should, discuss all things.”

Will Pope Francis Pull It Off?

A conversation with Rocco D’Ambrosio about his book on the challenge of church reform under Pope Francs

Breaking News: Pope Francis on Liturgical Music

Some brief comments on Pope Francis’ address to the participants of a congress on liturgical music.

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Pope Francis on Lenten Fasting

Fast from words and be silent—so you can listen.

Dives and Lazarus: The Pope’s Lenten Message

What are you doing for Lent this year?

Who Cares about Liturgy?

I think this notion that “Pope Francis doesn’t care about liturgy” needs to be revised. He cares; he just has not acted in the way many people expect a person who “cares about liturgy” to act.

A New Vatican Commission to Undo Liturgiam authenticam?