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Pope Francis on Seminarians: What Does He Want?

I haven’t spoken with Fr. Gula or with Pope Francis about this. But here’s my suggestion: go read everything you can by Richard Gula on ministry. I think he’s on the same wavelength as the pope.

Martin Klöckener in Interview: Was Missal Translation an Issue in the Naming of the 27 New CDW Members?

Perhaps Pope Francis named Bishop Morerod and Bishop Aubertin to the Congregation for Divine Worship because of the controversy around the translation of the missal.

Breaking: Pope Accepts Catholic Teaching

The pope’s acceptance of an ecumenical council will be controversial for some.

Text: Joint Declaration for the 500th anniversary of Reformation

Pope Francis and Bishop Munib Yunan, president of the Lutheran World Federation, signed the Joint Declaration at the Lutheran Cathedral of Lund, Sweden today.

Milestones in Papal Ecumenism: Part Ten

As was widely reported, today in Lund Sweden, Pope Francis and Bishop Mounib Younan, President of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) signed a Joint Statement on the occasion of the beginning of the year marking 500 years since the start of the Protestant Reformation. This signing was preceded by an ecumenical service presided over by […]

Live Broadcast: Pope in Sweden

Here’s the video of the service that took place today in the Lutheran Cathedral in Lund.

Press Roundup: Reactions to Yesterday’s Liturgy Appointments by the Pope

Commentators have not been shy in naming the significance of the shift.

Statue of Martin Luther at the Vatican

A new statue has appeared at the Vatican. Thursday at an audience, Pope Francis joined on stage by a statue of Martin Luther. This is particularly noteworthy as it comes ahead of a trip to Lund, Sweden, to commemorate the beginning of the year leading up to the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.   […]

The Views of the New Cardinals on Church and Liturgy

Pray Tell readers will be interested in the liturgical and ecclesial views of Francis’s appointees.

Reconciliation Born of the Cross and Forged in Fire

“Bless His Holiness Pope Francis who inspired by the Cross of Nails, bears witness to the grace and truth of your crucified and risen Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. . .” – Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury