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Evangelii Gaudium promotes authentic liturgy. A turning point toward a sixth Instruction on the Reform of the Liturgy?

“Rather than creating ‘unrealities’ – like artificial languages based on Latin that do not exist and will never exist, even by the decree of a Roman congregation – let us heed the invitation to give primacy to reality, to truly step outside the walls we have built around us, to breathe pure air, to speak in living languages, to be among our brothers and sisters, to take in the smell…”


New Pope Video released, with Prayer Intentions for February

The Pope’s prayer intention for February focusses on the care of creation.

Pope Francis to Sweden for Joint Reformation Commemoration

The Lutheran World Federation and the Catholic Church will hold a joint ecumenical commemoration of the Reformation on October31, 2016 in Lund, Sweden.

‘A Development That Follows the Logic of the Rite’: Augé on Foot-washing

Matias Augé is a highly regarded liturgical theologian and longtime professor at the Anselmo, the renowned Benedictine school of liturgical theology in Rome.

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Pope Francis Allows Women to Holy Thursday Foot-Washing

Pope Francis has issued a decree making official what he – and many other priests around the world – had been already doing in contravention of the official rule.

The Latest in Papal Vesture

As part of the on-going aggiornamento in Papal style, we now have the folksy papal sweater vestment. Coming soon, the lobster bib papal fanon. Send to Kindle

New: Video for Pope’s Monthly Prayer Intention

The representatives of the various religions each say: “I believe in love.”

Pope Francis on His Singing

“If I sang, I’d sound like a donkey, because I don’t know how to sing.”

The Holy Door is Opened at John Lateran – and Paul Inwood’s Wonderful Hymn Is Sung

Yesterday Pope Francis opened the Holy Door at the Cathedral of St. John’ Lateran

Mass at the Border with Pope Francis

“I am certain that, as so often in the past, these [immigrants] will enrich America and its Church.” – Pope Francis