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The Vision of Pope Francis for the Church

“What are we to do?”
A talk from the CCMLA 2014 convention

Viewpoint: Are Pope Francis’ Achievements Substantial or Mere Symbolism?

More than one commentator has suggested recently that Pope Francis is all symbolism and little substance. I disagree. (For one thing, I think symbolism is substance.)

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Shift in Tone among U.S. Bishops

Michael Paulson at the New York Times wrote an interesting article last week on the shift in tone among the U.S. bishops.

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Archbishop Tobin: Pope Francis is “disruptive”

Archbishop Tobin had some provocative things to say about the U.S. church and Pope Francis in his speech to the annual assembly of the College Theology Society.

Pope Clarifies the Intent of the Synod on the Family

On the plane ride back from the Holy Land Pope Francis visited with reporters.


Pope Francis Departs for Rome

Today was the final day of Pope Francis’ trip to the Holy Land. It was another day full of excitement and hope.

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Pope Francis in the Holy Land – Day Two

Today was another busy day for Pope Francis.

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Pope Francis Touches Down in the Holy Land

Pope Francis’ visit fills my heart with joy. Pray with me that his trip might foster peace throughout the Holy Land and the Middle East.

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Pope Francis’ Trip to the Holy Land

From May 24th-26th Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the Holy Land alongside Bartholomew I (the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople).

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Mountain climbing a la Pope Francis

“If you like climbing, go north and climb the Alps, it is far healthier! But do not come to the Church to climb!”