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Francis’s Latest Appointments to the College of Cardinals: A Closer Look [updated]

The distribution of red hats is not only about recognition of far-flung places in the world. It also recognizes rare and valuable gifts that these individuals, and their home countries, bring to the universal Church.

What Will Happen When The Charismatics Come to Rome for Pentecost? UPDATED

“At the elevation of the Mass, as [Pope Paul VI] raised first the Host and then the chalice, a gentle melody of prayer in tongues rose through the basilica. This has to have been the first time such a thing ever occurred in St. Peter’s…”

Francis Effect

Pope Francis’s example and change to the rubrics of the Holy Thursday liturgy is having an effect in India.

Responsorial Psalm at St. Peter’s Basilica This Morning

The setting is with oboe accompaniment by harp and oboe

Pope Francis Moves Corpus Christi

The pope has not participated in the procession, to put the focus on the Blessed Sacrament rather than himself.

German Lutheran Theologian Ready to Recognize the Bishop of Rome

One must make the most of every day this pope is with us, Schorlemme said.

“What a Bishop Might Want to Know” – and What Pope Francis Knows

“The young bishop gained a reputation for charm and humor; he became a frequently sought-out speaker for any function, secular or religious.”

What Does Pope Francis Mean to You?

On the fourth anniversary of the election of Pope Francis, Pray Tell writers speak from the heart about an extraordinary pope.

Bishop of Feldkirch, Austria, on Discussing Married Priests

“One can, and indeed should, discuss all things.”

Will Pope Francis Pull It Off?

A conversation with Rocco D’Ambrosio about his book on the challenge of church reform under Pope Francs