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The Holy Spirit Calls Us to Serve

“The gift of the Holy Spirit has been bestowed upon the Church and upon each one of us, so that we may live lives of genuine faith and active charity, that we may sow the seeds of reconciliation and peace.”

Pope Francis Gives Tips to New Priests

Today Pope Francis presided over the ordinations for the Diocese of Rome in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Pope Francis on Earth Day: ‘Do Not Exploit, Manipulate the Planet’

“The relationship of mankind with nature must not be conducted with greed, manipulation and exploitation, but it must conserve the divine harmony that exists between creatures and Creation within the logic of respect and care, so it can be put to the service of our brothers, also of future generations.”


Highlights from Misericordiae Vultus

More details are starting to emerge about the Jubilee of Mercy that Pope Francis recently announced.

Christos anesti!

Christ is Risen!

Updates from Rome and Asia

The Triduum is in full swing and Pope Francis’ schedule is as hectic as ever.

Chrism Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica

“The Lord washes us and cleanses us of all the dirt our feet have accumulated in following him.”

Pope Francis On What Makes a ‘Good Easter’

The pope said the great mystery of Easter is that “the stone of pain is rolled back, leaving room for hope.”

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The Humility of Holy Week

Pope Francis’ call to follow Christ’s life of humility extends to us all.

A Jubilee Year of Mercy

There has been little talk in Catholic news about Pope Francis’ recent announcement of a jubilee year of mercy. Perhaps it’s because no one knows what to expect, except the unexpected!