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Archive for category Pope Francis

Pope Francis on Formation of Seminarians

“We need to truly understand this: in life not all is black on white or white on black. No! The shades of gray prevail in life.”

How Long Should the Homily Be?

The average homily of Pope Francis has about 961 words.

Huge Gap Separates Pope Francis from Liturgical Traditionalists

Catholic traditionalists continue to underestimate the Argentine pontiff.

Pope Francis’ July Prayer Intention: Respect for Indigenous Peoples

“I want to be a spokesman for the deepest longings of indigenous peoples.” – Pope Francis

Pope Francis on Religious Liberty and Interreligious Dialogue

“Interreligious dialogue, where all men and women, from different religious traditions, can speak to one another without arguing: this is what religious freedom allows.” – Pope Francis at Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Massimo Faggioli on Iuvenescit Ecclesia

This letter of the CDF under Francis is a new appraisal of the role given to the movements by his two predecessors.

Why Is the Vatican Now Letting Advocates of Women’s Ordination Hold a Demonstration in its Back Yard?

For the first time the group has been given official permission to hold a public demonstration in the gardens of Castel Sant’Angelo on Friday, the day that the Pope celebrates a jubilee Mass for priests in St Peter’s Square. Members of the women’s ordination group have also been given tickets to attend the Mass.

Francis to create commission to study female deacons in Catholic church: Some initial thoughts

The National Catholic Reporter reports that, in a Q&A session at a gathering of women religious, Pope Francis said that he thought a commission to study the question of women in the diaconate was a good idea. Here are a few initial random thoughts…

A Place for Reconciliation

Should the Church be holding more open-air reconciliation events, out in the sunshine?

Pope Warns Against Admitting Rigid, Fundamentalist Young Men into Seminary

“Father, have you ever asked yourself why there are policemen who are torturers?”