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Pope Francis and the CDW

The Tablet asked me to write a short blog post for them analyzing what the new circular letter on the Ritual Expression of the Gift of Peace at Mass might be telling us about Pope Francis’ impact on the Congregation for Divine Worship.


German bishop: Bishops’ Synod Could Topple Francis’ Popularity

“I fear that the synod of bishops on the family in October could be such a critical moment.”

Pope Francis Arrives in South Korea

CNN and other news outlets report that Pope Francis has just touched down in South Korea. The last time a Pope visited South Korea was when Pope John Paul II visited in 1989.

In Case You Missed It: The Homily in the Context of Evangelii Gaudium

The specific request for this contribution to the Pray Tell blog is to examine what Francis says about liturgical preaching in Evangelii Gaudium.


Are Church Weddings a Thing of the Past?

The answer to the question “Are Church weddings a thing of the past?” is much deeper than it might appear at first glance. It cuts to the heart of modern humanity, and it should force us to reflect on ourselves, the Church, and the modern world.

Pope Francis on How to Hug

“Now that’s how real men hug.”

The Vision of Pope Francis for the Church

“What are we to do?”
A talk from the CCMLA 2014 convention

Viewpoint: Are Pope Francis’ Achievements Substantial or Mere Symbolism?

More than one commentator has suggested recently that Pope Francis is all symbolism and little substance. I disagree. (For one thing, I think symbolism is substance.)

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Shift in Tone among U.S. Bishops

Michael Paulson at the New York Times wrote an interesting article last week on the shift in tone among the U.S. bishops.

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Archbishop Tobin: Pope Francis is “disruptive”

Archbishop Tobin had some provocative things to say about the U.S. church and Pope Francis in his speech to the annual assembly of the College Theology Society.