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Merton: Not Catholic Enough? Or Role Model for Pope Francis?

As recently as last week, the Northern California chapter of the International Thomas Merton Society attempted to host a talk by a Merton scholar and well-respected theologian on the topic of Merton’s interreligious dialogue. But the bishop asked the local Catholic Church to host it off-site.

CARA Begins Surveying Parishes Regarding Outreach to People With Disabilities

“Asking Catholic parishes and dioceses across the United States what they are doing to reach out, include and serve individuals with developmental differences is a practical way to respond to the call by Pope Francis that we pay attention to people who are marginalized in society.”

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References to Liturgy in Pope Francis’s Homily This Evening

“… far from outward pomp…”

Pope to Institute New Rite for Stripping the Altar on Holy Thursday

During his American visit, Pope Francis announced a new rite of stripping the altar on Holy Thursday.

Fiat 500L Cars Pope Francis Used in United States Will Be Auctioned for Charity

When Pope Francis stepped off of the plane into the United States, many expected to see him get into a limousine.  However, the car of choice for Pope Francis in the United States:  a black Fiat 500L.  The car retails for as low as $19,995.00 in the United States.  The average new car price in […]

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Expert: Papal Mass Numbers Were Largely Exaggerated

The original estimate of attendance at the Papal Mass was upwards of 1.5 million. Then, the number became a much smaller 1 million. During the broadcasts of the Papal Mass, the numbers floated around were about 800,000. So, how many people were there really?

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Rolling Stone: Pope Francis to Release Pop-Rock Album

His Holiness will spread his message of hope, faith and unity in the form of a prog-rock-infused album titled Wake Up! this November.

“Don’t Forget”: The Pope’s Final Mass in Philadelphia

All in all, “don’t forget” are some pretty fine words with which to end such a visit. I know that Pope John Paul’s visit to Chicago in the late 1970’s is still part of this city’s collective memory. I hope that in a similar way, the American Church will have a hard timing forgetting Francis’ visit.

The Mural Pope Francis Signed is Part of a Network of Social Justice Murals in Philadelphia

In nice big letters, Pope Francis signed the last piece of a mural. He chose to sign it “Francis”, in nice big letters. But, this is not an isolated mural, but part of a greater Mural Arts Program that helps transform the City of Philadelphia.

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Interfaith Service at 9/11 Memorial

Pope Francis, by his tone of voice, also gave special emphasis to a statement that I think will be reflected on long after this event, because it touches on the challenging subject of pluralism.