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Francis, Bishops and the Missal: “Mission Intelligible”

A new moment calls for a bold new initiative. What are we waiting for?

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Pope Francis on Rigidity, the Eucharistic Fast, and Banana Peels

May all of us on all sides be given the banana peels we need to slip on.

Video Link: Today’s Misa Criolla with Pope Francis

12 noon EST.


Mass for Our Lady of Guadalupe in St. Peter’s Basilica

All the movements of the Misa Criolla are being sung at the Mass with Pope Francis – the choir is singing the Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei.


Honoring Mary, Francis Style

Problem is, none of the titles the announcer liked was in the litany they sang in Rome today.

Misa Criolla in St. Peter’s Basilica with Pope Francis on December 12

“When I heard Misa Criolla for the first time, I was studying theology. I really liked it! I enjoyed ‘Lamb of God,’ which is magnificent. I will never forget that I heard Mercedes Sosa singing it.” – Pope Francis

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Pope Francis on the End of Time

All of us?

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Canonization and Christ the King with Pope Francis

The canonization rite of Paul VI has been restored, replacing the mostly preconciliar rite Pope Benedict had brought back.

Liturgy and Ceremony for Pope Francis

When Pope Francis celebrates Mass, there is no “buona sera,” no hugging, no such gestures, nothing of what makes him so authentic. For at Mass it’s not about him, it’s about the Mass. But it is otherwise at ceremonies…


German Church Historian Fears “Antipope” Benedict

The professor of church history in Munster calls for a clearer distinction between pope and “pope emeritus.”