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The Humility of Holy Week

Pope Francis’ call to follow Christ’s life of humility extends to us all.

A Jubilee Year of Mercy

There has been little talk in Catholic news about Pope Francis’ recent announcement of a jubilee year of mercy. Perhaps it’s because no one knows what to expect, except the unexpected!

Vatican Confirms Pope’s Holy Thursday Plans

Pope Francis will visit a prison in Rome to wash the feet of inmates of Maundy Thursday, the Vatican has announced.

Liturgy in the Era of a Jesuit Pope by Andrew Cameron-Mowat, SJ

In the latest issue of Music and Liturgy, Andrew Cameron-Mowat, SJ reflects on the topic of liturgy in the era of a Jesuit pope. Cameron-Mowat is a member of the British province of Jesuits and has extensive experience teaching and researching in the fields of sacramental theology and liturgy.


First Commandment of Parish Life: Closeness to People, Pope Says

Speaking to the parish council of a church on the eastern outskirts of Rome Sunday evening, Francis emphasized the difficult situations many people are living when offering advice to the council about how to go about their work.

Pope Francis at Year Two

What all has Francis accomplished in these last two years?

More on Pope Francis’ Commemoration of Paul VI’s First Mass in Italian

The occasion will also be celebrated by a Congress on Pastoral Liturgy organized by the Vicariate of Rome, the Opera Don Orione and the Pontifical Liturgical Institute of Rome, to open today at the Teatro Orione, adjacent to the All Saints parish.

Book Review: The Restoration of Rome: Barbarian Popes and Imperial Pretenders

For readers whose assumptions and understandings of the development of the papacy are largely formed by the long-lived residue of Whig historiography – in my experience, that includes the vast majority of American (very much including American Catholic) people – Peter Heather’s work represents a relatively accessible and interesting door to perspectives opened by newer generations of scholarship.

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On the Air: Fritz Bauerschmidt on Pope Francis

Baltimore’s public radio station hosted a panel discussion on the pontificate of Pope Francis earlier this week featuring Pray Tell‘s own Fritz Bauerschmidt.


The Pope’s Performance Review

Francis is required by Vatican workplace guidelines to meet at least once a year with his immediate superior.

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