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Pope Francis on the End of Time

All of us?

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Canonization and Christ the King with Pope Francis

The canonization rite of Paul VI has been restored, replacing the mostly preconciliar rite Pope Benedict had brought back.

Liturgy and Ceremony for Pope Francis

When Pope Francis celebrates Mass, there is no “buona sera,” no hugging, no such gestures, nothing of what makes him so authentic. For at Mass it’s not about him, it’s about the Mass. But it is otherwise at ceremonies…


German Church Historian Fears “Antipope” Benedict

The professor of church history in Munster calls for a clearer distinction between pope and “pope emeritus.”


The Catholic Church: Is It a Ship without a Rudder?

Pope Francis has opted to operate from a paradigm that many of the current bishops, appointed by John Paul II and Benedict XVI, are not used to working from. For Francis, communal discernment is at the heart of deciding on a way forward.

Viewpoint: Church Needs New Language in Explaining Its Teaching on Sexuality

What may we expect when the Synod of Bishops reconvenes in 2015? I expect the emergence of a unified consensus on the issues of the Synod that just ended. While there will be no doctrinal changes, there will hopefully emerge positive strategies for dealing pastorally with difficult issues regarding marriage and sexuality.


Still No Prefect at the Congregation for Divine Worship

Maybe tomorrow, as I’ve said to myself every day for the past two months.

Pope Francis on the “Temptations” of the Synod

“… a temptation to hostile inflexibility of the so-called ‘traditionalists’ and also of the intellectuals… the temptation of the ‘do-gooders,’… of the so-called ‘progressives and liberals…’


My favorite story about Blessed Paul VI

Like any good Protestant Seminary, Fuller has a Board of Declaration (a Wittenburg door) at the campus crossroads, onto which any modern Martin/a Luther can post his/her thoughts.

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Echoes of Vatican II at the Synod?

“In what appears to be somewhat of a soap 0pera, the Pope and bishops certainly have the world talking.”

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