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Archive for category Penance-Reconciliation

Liturgy Lines: Communal Reconciliation: The Second Rite

Such poor celebrations turn people away and deprive them of a wonderful opportunity to experience communal reconciliation which “shows more clearly the communal nature of penance”

John Carroll’s Prayer for Government

Liturgy Lines: “The Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy Draws to a Close”

What might parishes do around this time to mark the end of the Year of Jubilee?

2016 CTSA Proceedings: Reports on Sacraments & Liturgy

The annual convention theme was “Justice and Mercy,” while a couple of the sessions addressed topics in sacramental and liturgical theology. Here are links to the newly e-published Proceedings.

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French Muslims attend Mass today

This is not a question of interreligious prayer (which is a delicate question), but of interreligious encounter.

A Place for Reconciliation

Should the Church be holding more open-air reconciliation events, out in the sunshine?

Viewpoint: The Practice of Lenten Fasting Has Many Dimensions

We are reminded that we can never be satisfied by ordinary food, which satisfies only momentarily but then perishes.

Celebrating Reconciliation in Advent

What is the experience of the second rite of the sacrament of reconciliation in your parish?

Prayer for a Peaceful World

Fourteen years ago today, at about this time, we watched the unfolding events of September 11, 2001. Let us pray for all those who suffered that tragedy, and for those throughout the world who suffer persecution, displacement, war, and terror.  May our remembering lead us to the realization of peace. Send to Kindle

Rituals for Catholics Coming Home?

What does your parish do when Catholics who have left the church behind seek to return home? What ritual expressions, if any, do you give to this return? Are there any resources available for these journeys? An Austrian friend e-mailed me a recently asking whether it was true that in the U.S. some catholic parishes […]