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Archive for category Pastoral Theology

Liturgy: Small is Beautiful

This is an attempt to look again at the too-regularly forgotten value of small, local Christian communities where the pastor IS pastor to the faith community, leads, teaches, and preaches to their actual context.

Liturgy Lines: Liturgical New Year Resolutions

…Perhaps this might be a good time for us to make some liturgical new year resolutions too.

Liturgy Lines: Do We Really Know What We Are Doing?

The connection between sacrifice and communion is broken and confusion between altar and tabernacle reinforced when the faithful are fed week after week from the tabernacle and not from what was consecrated on the altar at the Mass being celebrated.

Liturgy Lines: Communal Reconciliation: The Second Rite

Such poor celebrations turn people away and deprive them of a wonderful opportunity to experience communal reconciliation which “shows more clearly the communal nature of penance”

Breaking Up Is The Thing To Do

…today’s admonition from the pulpit to vote for the candidate who will ensure, among other things, marriage between one man and one woman, prayer in public schools and keeping Christ in Christmas. Really?

One Priest, One Altar, One Church, One Eucharist

How is it different for a priest to preside at Eucharist, concelebrate, or participate with the other baptized?

De-siloing the Church

What we must seek is a Church in which the most volatile and painful issues can be discussed in such a way that our divided world can look at us and say, “See how they love one another!”

John Carroll’s Prayer for Government

Liturgy Lines: “Bless You!”

As with any liturgy, it is essential that a blessing be prepared and celebrated in a way that ensures the full, conscious and active participation of everyone present.

Ad Resurgendum cum Christo

Whatever the motivation that led Cardinal Müller and the CDF to issue the Instruction on creamation, it changes nothing for us in North America.