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Archive for category Pastoral Theology

Liturgy Lines: Catholic Cremation and the Columbarium

One could even imagine some elements of the rite of committal being incorporated into the Sunday Mass with a final procession to the columbarium.

Ordinations, Culture, and Following Christ

The ideal image of clergy as those who draw others in and then get out of the way, pointing to the living God, not themselves… Our North American culture is so pathologically about a reality that is only ‘me’, particularly the ‘me’ who consumes, controls, and manages, that I experienced a moment of hopelessness that any of this made sense in 2017.

Liturgy Lines: Ministry of Photographer?

The idea is different from the commercial photographer who takes a snap of every child being confirmed (rather like a graduation). This is more about welcome into a community of Christian love. So what is potentially a negative situation – NO, you can’t take photos in the church – is turned into a positive moment of hospitality and evangelization.

Non Solum: Repeating Blessings

Are there occasions when repeating a blessing is pastorally appropriate ?

Liturgy as Evangelization

If liturgy isn’t for the unchurched at some level, then whom are we evangelizing?

Liturgy Lines: Blessings

It is an invocation upon a person, thing or event asking that it will become a sign, a sign of God’s goodness. When we bless another person we invoke divine help upon them; we pray that they may be placed under God’s loving care.

Non solum: The Litany of Saints at the Easter Vigil

Do parishes incorporate the saints selected by the RCIA class into their Easter Vigil litany? Are these saints’ names used in some other fashion?

In the Face of Death: A Ritual for Those Present at the Moment of Dying

The Diocese of Speyer, Germany, has created a brief ritual for those accompanying the dying and present at the moment of death. Different from the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, this blessing ritual (Sterbesegen) may be used by anybody, lay or ordained.

Is It a Mortal Sin to Miss Sunday Mass?

Are you required to go every Sunday?

Non solum: Priest Has to Leave Mass Early to Get to His Next Mass

As the number of priests in our diocese continues to shrink, there are times when the priest leaves through the sacristy before the last song,