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Archive for category Ordained Ministry

Vatican Cardinal Open to Female Deacons

“The historical tradition is very complex.”

Trouble in Charlotte

What would you do, if faced with a similar situation?

Bishop of Rockford Sets a Curb on Use of the Extraordinary Form

Is Bishop Malloy’s letter an abrogation of Summorum Pontificum? Or is it simply an exercise of pastoral governance in his diocese?


New Habits for the New Year?: Updated

“We wanted to go back to the essence of the message of the habit: we are one with the people around us.”

Leonardo Boff Interview: “Pope Francis is One of Us”

Pope Francis told Boff not to send the requested materials for Laudato Si’ directly to him, because Vatican underlings would grab it and it wouldn’t get to him.

There Is a Lot Behind

The Coptic Church selects its pope by lot. What does that mean for the elected, the non-elected, and the electors?

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Auxiliary bishops and why they are (not) needed

The existence of auxiliary bishops in the Catholic Church is comprehensible, but not very helpful for the theology of episcopacy according to the Second Vatican Council.

Book on Deaconesses (in Greek)

Orthodox theologians devoted to restoring the order of deaconess have published a book on the ordination of deaconesses and the question of women in ordained ministry dedicated to the Patriarch of Alexandria. This news is significant as it demonstrates that interest in and research on the deaconess is of international concern, and not merely a […]

Pope Francis on Seminarians: What Does He Want?

I haven’t spoken with Fr. Gula or with Pope Francis about this. But here’s my suggestion: go read everything you can by Richard Gula on ministry. I think he’s on the same wavelength as the pope.

Deacons, Women and the Call to Serve | Segment 1: History of the Diaconate

Segment 1: The Diaconate—History and Present Practice
What are deacons? How has this ministry changed through the centuries? Are deacons well-accepted in parishes today?