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#MitreGate: And the End of Vestments

Vestments are wholly for distinguishing the sacramental nature of the Church. They are not juridical or personal symbols.

Ordinations, Culture, and Following Christ

The ideal image of clergy as those who draw others in and then get out of the way, pointing to the living God, not themselves… Our North American culture is so pathologically about a reality that is only ‘me’, particularly the ‘me’ who consumes, controls, and manages, that I experienced a moment of hopelessness that any of this made sense in 2017.

German Catholic Bishop Opposes Women Deacons

Bishop Voderholzer expects no surprises from Pope Francis’s commission to examine the question of female deacons

Vatican Radio: German Bishop for Female Deacons

The possible ordination of female deacons is a “sign of the times,” Bishop Fürst said.

“What a Bishop Might Want to Know” – and What Pope Francis Knows

“The young bishop gained a reputation for charm and humor; he became a frequently sought-out speaker for any function, secular or religious.”

Bishop of Feldkirch, Austria, on Discussing Married Priests

“One can, and indeed should, discuss all things.”

Shared Ministry and Divine Grace: Restoring the Diaconate in Orthodoxy

Note: This essay was first published by Public Orthodoxy, a blog of the Orthodox Christian Studies Center at Fordham University, on March 7, 2016. Republished with permission. The Orthodox world is buzzing with the recent news report on the ordination of deaconesses in the Patriarchate of Alexandria. To the best of our knowledge, the ordination […]

Breaking News: Pope Francis on Liturgical Music

Some brief comments on Pope Francis’ address to the participants of a congress on liturgical music.

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German Theologians – Citing Ratzinger et al. – Call for Married Priests

Among those behind the 1970 proposal were now-cardinals Walter Kasper and Karl Lehmann, and theologian Joseph Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI).

Vatican Cardinal Open to Female Deacons

“The historical tradition is very complex.”