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A Hymn for Christmas

Suitable for the Christmas Vigil Mass with its lengthy genealogy of Jesus demonstrating a theological interpretation of Israel’s history in three epochs — rising from Abraham (patriarch) to David (monarch), falling to the nadir of the destruction of the Davidic monarchy during the Babylonian captivity and then rising and surpassing the first era in Jesus […]


A Hymn Text for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, Year A

This hymn of the day for Advent 4A celebrates the events leading up to the birth of Jesus, but in such a way that the text could also be used during the Christmas season. Stanza one is inspired by the interchange between God and Ahaz in Isaiah 7:10, but transposed to recognize that the sign […]

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A Hymn Text for the Third Sunday of Advent, Year A

“From Deep Within a Prison Cell” takes its inspiration for the first scene of the gospel appointed for this Lord’s Day (Matthew 11:2-11). Stanzas one and two recall the interchange between John and Jesus about Jesus’ identity. The third stanza starkly transposes John’s question to the contemporary world. I hope that worshipers would hear in […]

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A Hymn Text for the Second Sunday of Advent, Year A

This weekend the Gospel of Matthew presents John as: 1) a preacher of repentance in the light of the coming kingdom of heaven; 2) a prophet clothed in the raiment of the desert and eating food received directly from God’s bounty (cf. manna) without human processing; 3) a practitioner of a water ritual (baptism) which […]


A Hymn Text for the First Sunday of Advent, Year A

Even though it would not be possible this year to sing my hymn text intended for use with the readings assigned to the First Sunday of Advent, Year A, in the post-Vatican II Lectionary for Mass, I would still like to offer it to those reading the Pray Tell blog for meditation in this first […]


The Hymn Society Seeks New Executive Director

The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada is seeking a new Executive Director to replace Deborah Carlton Loftis, the current Executive Director, in April.

A Liturgical Rubic’s Cube: Propers in the Byzantine Rite

It is not uncommon to hear the shuffling of papers in the choir and to hear the director giving a new pitch corresponding to the appointed tone.

Church Music across History, part II

Are there resources out there that feature music from the seventeenth-century, for example, or which provide samples from across church history?

Reading suggestions for history of church music?

A colleague of mine at Villanova University is putting together a course on church history and as part of this course she wants to give attention to the history of music used in / for worship. She and I are looking for suggestions for texts that address this topic. Please share your ideas here on PT.

Kandra: “Hark! The Hymn Has Been Re-Written!”

Deacon Kendra: “It appears these and similar revisions have been implemented for one reason: someone presumes that intelligent Christians are too stupid to know that the word ‘man’ doesn’t always mean a human being with testicles.”