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Eucharistic Praying in the 21st Century

Liturgical prayer is self-expressive of who we are now, but prayer is also a means of conveying tradition, of giving a sense of stability and rootedness, of being confronted with something that might at first seem slightly alien, which are things that can be undercut if our prayers are too much prayers-of-the-moment.

Hope for Shared Communion for Married Couples

Franz-Josef Bode, bishop of Osnabruck, wishes for the possibility of Communion for mixed-confession married couples.

What to Do With the Filioque

The filioque debate is a well known ecumenical issue. I give my ideas for a viable solution, mainly with regard to the liturgy.

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Can Simple Wine Be Transformed into the Blood of Christ by Immersion of a Consecrated Host?

In Rome of the 13th century, administering Communion under only the form of bread was utterly unimaginable – so great was the understanding that the Church should do what Christ had done, and he had given bread and wine to his apostles as his Body and Blood.

More on Communion under Both Forms and Concomitance

“At no time has the Church in her official teaching or in her best theologians ever considered Communion under one species as the ideal.”

Auxiliary bishops and why they are (not) needed

The existence of auxiliary bishops in the Catholic Church is comprehensible, but not very helpful for the theology of episcopacy according to the Second Vatican Council.

No Precious Blood for the laity in Manchester, NH

From the 1st Sunday of Advent until Holy Thursday the bishop has effectively banned Communion from the chalice in his diocese.

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For the Life of the World

The program is viewed as not only being inspired by Eucharist, but as an extension of it to encompass the whole community.

Mass as Sacrifice? A Voice from the 5th Century

Thus the celebration of Mass is not a new sacrifice, but rather an act of memorial of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.

Living the Eucharist, for Advent and Christmas – UPDATED

Paulist Evangelization Ministries has come out with a new app for Living the Eucharist, a popular parish-based program that has expanded to include offerings for Advent/Christmas.