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Trimming Time: Eucharistic Prayer vs. Sign of Peace

You need to shorten Mass. Do you trim time from the Eucharistic Prayer or the Sign of Peace?

Circular letter to Bishops on the bread and wine for the Eucharist

” It is for the Bishop as principal dispenser of the mysteries of God, moderator, promoter and guardian of the liturgical life in the Church entrusted to his care (Cf. CIC can. 835 § 1), to watch over the quality of the bread and wine to be used at the Eucharist.”

“The Last Supper Was No Breakfast,” But What Is the Right Time for the Eucharist?

Why the hours of the rising sun are the best time for Eucharist.


“Good Morning!”

“With all due respect, my brother-priests, I do not see the need for saying ‘good morning’ and similar greetings…,” Tagle said.

What happens to all those flowers in a Corpus Christi procession?

The idea of festival excess is taken to a fabulous degree in the assembling of these floral designs that pass away after only a day.

Real Bread

I’m not proud of this, but only recently have I come around to a true, inward appreciation for the symbolic value of real communion bread

First Communion: Questions from an Eastern Christian

an you imagine your Church celebrating the communion of infants who have been fully initiated into the Church?

Palm Sunday and the light of Christ

The part of Rwanda I am currently in has a large population of Congolese immigrants. Several Rwandans have told me that their celebrations are quite different from the Rwandans’. They call the mass the “Congolese Mass,” which got me excited and prompted me to clarify if they meant the Congolese/Zaire Rite.

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German Lutheran Theologian Ready to Recognize the Bishop of Rome

One must make the most of every day this pope is with us, Schorlemme said.

Bishop Callahan on Ad orientem

“I have shown my support for this practice as well as a deep concern that it be implemented appropriately and after proper consultation with the leadership of a parish, after truly hearing and respecting the People of God…”