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Non Solum: Clothing and the Catechumenate

In the RCIA, there is an optional clothing of the newly baptized at the Easter Vigil with a (most often) white robe to symbolize their new baptismal purity.

LTP to sponsor conference on Christian Initiation

The 2017 theme for the National Gathering on Christian Initiation™ is Disciples Making Disciples.

Viewpoint: Recovering the Notion of Original Sin

The transition from the Sin of Adam to the Grace of Christ is not a matter of a few minutes of ritual.

Non Solum: RCIA in Practice

How has the RCIA been implemented in your parish or diocese?

Sacramentality and foundational experience: a reflection on Bruce Morrill’s The Essential Writings of Bernard Cooke

In June, I had the pleasure of participating in a panel at the CTSA celebrating and commenting on the publication of Bruce Morrill’s new book, The Essential Writings of Bernard Cooke (Paulist Press, 2016) (Amazon link). In my presentation, which developed Cooke’s understanding of sacramentality (chapter 3 of the book), I commented that it would be […]

Request: Reading Suggestions for Undergrad Theology Class

I want the students to think hard about how some people find worship attendance to be meaningful, related to their daily life, a constitutive part of their value system, and the like, and also how some people who reject organized religion find meaning and values and a fulfilling life.

Online Baptism?? Church of Scotland!

“Wider questions about membership and belonging are now being asked by congregations…”

Signing the Book at the Rite of Election

It would be interesting to know if there is a consensus about the value of the visual symbol of signing as well as the time taken to do it and the way in which it is done.

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RCIA Retention Rates Not Just Good, They’re Excellent

We’ve all heard it. When the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) comes up in discussion as a good thing for the church or as one of the come-from-behind success stories of post-Vatican II liturgy, someone will always pipe up and say: “But I’ve read somewhere there’s a shocking rate of them leaving afterwards,” […]

Thousands Joining the Catholic Church in the U.S. This Easter

Thousands of people across the United States will be welcomed into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil.