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Liturgy Lines: Catholic Cremation and the Columbarium

One could even imagine some elements of the rite of committal being incorporated into the Sunday Mass with a final procession to the columbarium.

Geneviève Noufflard

She was one of the three secretaries of Père Joseph Gelineau, SJ, becoming his PA for many years and also accompanying him on many foreign trips as his interpreter.

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Ad Resurgendum cum Christo

Whatever the motivation that led Cardinal Müller and the CDF to issue the Instruction on creamation, it changes nothing for us in North America.

Viewpoint: Rediscovering the Authentic Catholic Vision of Purgatory

The pain of purgatory, then, is not the pain of divine punishment and wrath, but the pain of growth and transformation, the pain of breaking out of the old self into the new.

CDF Issues Instruction on Cremains

This new document explicitly seeks to clarify and reinforce existing canonical and liturgical (ritual) norms already in force. But the Congregation notes that in many regions cremation is markedly increasing, making a reiteration of the norms and their theological bases advisable.

Plan ahead

In the “denial of death” culture in which we live, it was startling to see. To me as a Catholic, however, it makes perfect sense.

Daniel Berrigan’s funeral

Daniel Berrigan, poet, peace activist, and Jesuit priest, died on April 30, 2016, at the age of 94. He was buried from the Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York last Friday. Here are some notes on the liturgy.

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Paul J. Philibert, OP, has died

A noted scholar and teacher, Fr. Philibert was a senior fellow at the Aquinas Institute in St. Louis at the time of his death.

Something serious on April Fool’s Day

God was the only father Josh Bishop ever knew, and that knowledge came only after a childhood of violence and drug abuse led him to death row.

Antonin Scalia & the “Last Rites”

In case you are as frustrated as I am with the glib reporting of “last rites” being administered to Antonin Scalia many hours after his death, or you have your friends asking you about this, here is a quick map from Paul Turner’s website, of the complications surrounding the “last rites”: Send to Kindle