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Are you willing to help?

All in attendance have a stake in the past, present, and future of God’s history with those to whom the church directs its sacramental ministry.

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Remaining Rites for ACNA Book of Common Prayer Released

The Anglican Church in North America, the largest body of Anglicans who have left The Episcopal Church, has released additional liturgies for the proposed Book of Common Prayer to be implemented in 2019. These rites, the liturgies for Ash Wednesday and Holy Week were approved in January and mark the completion of the proposed BCP‘s […]

Anglican Evensong in St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica will be hosting an Anglican Evensong on March 13th. This date has been chosen as the nearest available day to the historic feast day of St Gregory the Great.

Liturgy: Small is Beautiful

This is an attempt to look again at the too-regularly forgotten value of small, local Christian communities where the pastor IS pastor to the faith community, leads, teaches, and preaches to their actual context.

Milestones in Papal Ecumenism: Part Six

Throughout his pontificate, John Paul sought to improve the relationship between the Orthodox Churches and the Roman Catholic Church. One of his goals was to see the unity of the East and West before the new millennium. Although that was something he never saw, his pontificate saw many breakthroughs between the Roman Catholics and Eastern […]

Merton College Girls’ Choir Sings for First Time

The Girls’ Choir—the first to be established at an Oxford college…

Introducing Liturgy!

Liturgy is an “ecumenical website of resources and reflections on liturgy, spirituality, and worship for individuals and communities.” 

Reconciliation Born of the Cross and Forged in Fire

“Bless His Holiness Pope Francis who inspired by the Cross of Nails, bears witness to the grace and truth of your crucified and risen Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. . .” – Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

The Anglican Tradition and Ad Orientem

The recent discussion about the orientation of the liturgy is not reserved only for Roman Catholics. Anglicans, too, are taking their part in the conversation.

Merry Christmas! A liturgical logic puzzle as a gift from me to you

I made this puzzle on a whim to stump my son (so far, it’s working). Use the clues to solve this logic puzzle. No cheating by using information you just happen to know! (There is a downloadable version you can open with a word processor and edit at the bottom.)

There are five churches right in a row from East to West on a little street in Maintown, USA…