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Archive for category Eastern Liturgy

Milestones in Papal Ecumenism: Part Six

Throughout his pontificate, John Paul sought to improve the relationship between the Orthodox Churches and the Roman Catholic Church. One of his goals was to see the unity of the East and West before the new millennium. Although that was something he never saw, his pontificate saw many breakthroughs between the Roman Catholics and Eastern […]

Is Liturgical Reform Possible?

In my book, I suggested that we will know liturgical reform has been effective when our Orthodox people are Paschal in every aspect of their lives.

A Holy Birth: The Nativity of Mary

Mary’s birth ushers in the good news of divine forgiveness granted by God to all of humanity.

Women and the Diaconate: Threading the Historical Needle

Reading Cipriano Vagaggini’s essay “The Ordination of Deaconesses in the Greek and Byzantine Traditions” has prompted me to reflect on the difficulties posed in mounting historical arguments of either side in the debate, and what might count as sufficient historical precedent in changing Church practice.

Facing West? An Easterner’s Journey

Deepening communion requires effort and a willingness to hear the other. How do we know if we want to restore Communion when we can’t get past talking about the historical causes of division?

Holy and Great Council: Documents and Initial Reaction

I hope that the non-Orthodox who want to dialogue with us will push us on these issues: our job in dialogue is to hear you, just as you hear us with consistent graciousness.

Holy and Great Council

The Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church is now in session on the island of Crete.

What’s Up with the Pan-Orthodox Council?

Although only a few days remain until the Eastern Pentecost, when the Pan-Orthodox council has been scheduled, uncertainty remains whether the gathering in Crete will take place.

Holy and Great Council: On Schedule!

The council will be historic and speak authoritatively on a number of issues.

A Liturgical Rubic’s Cube: Propers in the Byzantine Rite

It is not uncommon to hear the shuffling of papers in the choir and to hear the director giving a new pitch corresponding to the appointed tone.