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Liturgy and Patriotism

A recent survey of Protestant pastors found that 61% felt it was important to incorporate patriotic elements into July 4th worship, even though 53% suspect that their congregations love America more than God.

RCIA Retention Rates Not Just Good, They’re Excellent

We’ve all heard it. When the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) comes up in discussion as a good thing for the church or as one of the come-from-behind success stories of post-Vatican II liturgy, someone will always pipe up and say: “But I’ve read somewhere there’s a shocking rate of them leaving afterwards,” […]

Viewpoint: Eight Reasons College Students Turn Away From Church

The church is not called to adapt to society and to make social norms the pattern for its own practice, but to transform society, while accepting critically from society what is deemed valuable.


Merry Christmas! A liturgical logic puzzle as a gift from me to you

I made this puzzle on a whim to stump my son (so far, it’s working). Use the clues to solve this logic puzzle. No cheating by using information you just happen to know! (There is a downloadable version you can open with a word processor and edit at the bottom.)

There are five churches right in a row from East to West on a little street in Maintown, USA…

CARA Begins Surveying Parishes Regarding Outreach to People With Disabilities

“Asking Catholic parishes and dioceses across the United States what they are doing to reach out, include and serve individuals with developmental differences is a practical way to respond to the call by Pope Francis that we pay attention to people who are marginalized in society.”

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The Church Pope Francis Will Encounter

The face of the Church is changing. Rapidly.


Is There a “Francis Effect”? A Caution

To know for sure whether there is a “Francis Effect,” we would have to know something we never will – namely, what the numbers would like like if Francis were not pope.

The State of the US Church at Papal Visits – Statistics from CARA

63% of adult Catholics attended Mass at least once a month in 1979, but by 2014 this had declined to 46%.

Greater Church Involvement in a Smaller German Church?

More of the faithful left the church last year than most ever. At the same time, worship services are now better attended.

A Note on CARA’s Interpretation of Data

Mark Gray of CARA has questioned the gloomy interpretations often given about the declines in organized religion in the U.S.