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Archive for category Demographics and Sociology

The Church Pope Francis Will Encounter

The face of the Church is changing. Rapidly.


Is There a “Francis Effect”? A Caution

To know for sure whether there is a “Francis Effect,” we would have to know something we never will – namely, what the numbers would like like if Francis were not pope.

The State of the US Church at Papal Visits – Statistics from CARA

63% of adult Catholics attended Mass at least once a month in 1979, but by 2014 this had declined to 46%.

Greater Church Involvement in a Smaller German Church?

More of the faithful left the church last year than most ever. At the same time, worship services are now better attended.

A Note on CARA’s Interpretation of Data

Mark Gray of CARA has questioned the gloomy interpretations often given about the declines in organized religion in the U.S.

Christian Smith: The situation with US Catholic youth actually is grim

How to respond??

RNS and CARA: Catholic Growth and Decline

Global Catholic population has grown 57% since 1980, but the number of priests has declined 17%.

Converting Parents and Raising Children to Go to Church

“If I told my kids that bathing was a choice and that they were free to decide whether or not they wanted to bathe or brush their teeth… my kids would opt out of the practice and ritual of good hygiene. Gross, I know. But true.”

Lattes, Logos and a Loving Community

“What finally brought me back, after years of running away, wasn’t lattes or skinny jeans; it was the sacraments.”


The Priest’s Perspective

A recent article at Huffington Post titled “What does Worship Look like from a Priest’s Point of View?” has a series of pictures taken from the perspective of the priest at Mass. I thought the article was interesting and it caused me to reflect on the priest’s experience at Mass.