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British Hymn Society gets underway

The Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland gathered today in Carmarthen, Wales, for its annual conference.

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Interview: Jan Kraybill, New Hymn Society Leader

Playing organ is like riding a Harley.

Password for New NPM Site

For three weeks only, everyone has access to premium content at the new NPM website.

NPM Convention Updates

“It is fitting that, after 40 years, we call together this convention with a musical instrument.”

Heading to Cincinnati for NPM…

Stay tuned for highlights from the 40th NPM convention.

Saint John’s among Worship Grant Recipients

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship announced today that it will fund another 33 worship renewal projects for 2017-2018 as part of its Vital Worship Grants Program.

Organ Repertoire: Why Catholics Don’t Care

I was asked by a student today, “I just don’t understand why we need to have organ repertoire. When would you ever use it?” I stared at the student, confounded, dumbfounded. And then I had an intense moment of Catholic soul-searching. How many Catholics would understand why you’d want to have organ repertoire—how many Catholics ever do hear actual repertoire in the course of a liturgical celebration?

The Liturgical Music Institute in New York

Now in its sixth year, The Liturgical Music Institute offers musical, liturgical and pastoral formation to both new and experienced liturgical musicians.  

Pilgrimage Liturgies and Popular Piety

Pilgrimage is a vital expression of popular piety. The premier French institute of higher study of liturgy just held a conference exploring this phenomenon of pilgrimage – as experience, as theology, as liturgy. Here is a report of what they discussed.

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NAAL Meeting in DC

The North American Academy of Liturgy is meeting this week in Washington DC.