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Archive for category Church Reform

Trouble in Charlotte

What would you do, if faced with a similar situation?

The Lord often reveals to the younger what is best

I have this set of juice glasses in my house. I have been putting them away in the cabinet a few times a week for three years.

I have a 10 year old boy in my house, too…

Leonardo Boff Interview: “Pope Francis is One of Us”

Pope Francis told Boff not to send the requested materials for Laudato Si’ directly to him, because Vatican underlings would grab it and it wouldn’t get to him.

Pope Francis: “The Curia Is in Need of Reform”

“I have a thousand problems with ceremonial protocol, but I must respect it. Do you know the difference between terrorism and ceremonial protocol?

Deacons, Women and the Call to Serve | Segment 1: History of the Diaconate

Segment 1: The Diaconate—History and Present Practice
What are deacons? How has this ministry changed through the centuries? Are deacons well-accepted in parishes today?

Lincoln: Ad Orientem Masses Encouraged during Advent

Today, at a time when it is easy to forget that Christ is coming—and easy to be complacent in our spiritual lives and in the work of evangelization…

Jerome Award Given to Massimo Faggioli

Faggioli had dedicated his work to placing major Church figures, movements, and events in their proper historical context.

Did Luther Really Nail 95 Theses to the Chapel Door on October 31st?

Doubts first arose in 1961 as to whether the Catholic monk Luther really nailed a manifesto to the chapel door of a Castle in Wittenberg on October 31, 1517.

Women and the Diaconate: Threading the Historical Needle

Reading Cipriano Vagaggini’s essay “The Ordination of Deaconesses in the Greek and Byzantine Traditions” has prompted me to reflect on the difficulties posed in mounting historical arguments of either side in the debate, and what might count as sufficient historical precedent in changing Church practice.

“Re-Launching the Project of the Council”

Bishop Long of Parramatta in Australia sees in the Second Vatican Council a new paradigm. Re-launching the Council means that “it is time not of fearful retreat, disengagement and self-referential pomp, but of accompaniment and engagement.”