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First Communion: Questions from an Eastern Christian

an you imagine your Church celebrating the communion of infants who have been fully initiated into the Church?

The Lord often reveals to the younger what is best

I have this set of juice glasses in my house. I have been putting them away in the cabinet a few times a week for three years.

I have a 10 year old boy in my house, too…

Viewpoint: By the Age of Ten, Young Catholics Are Losing Their Faith

Chanting the texts of the liturgy, from Tim O’Malley at Church Life

Tim O’Malley has a fascinating opinion piece over at Church Life today. He’s in favor of chant, not instead of hymnody, but instead of reading. I have to admit I find this argument intriguing: Last Sunday, we went to the Melkite Liturgy on campus. The entire liturgy, as anyone knows who has attended Eastern liturgies, […]

Feast of St Hildegard of Bingen

Thanks to the Liturgical Press’s recent release of Robert Ellsberg’s Blessed Among Us, I have another choice to read aloud for these family celebrations. Today’s reflection on Hildegard is beautiful: “Within the cosmos, [Hildegard] wrote, human beings are the thinking heart, called to be cocreators with God in shaping the world. Both the cosmos and human beings, though estranged from God by sin, may through Christ find their way back to God’s original blessing” (Ellsberg, Sept 17, p. 536). The facing page is on Adrienne von Speyr – a lovely juxtaposition!

Out of the mouths of babes

My point here is that I originally considered the children’s questions about prison food to be a distraction from the “important” points of the class. In fact, however, their questions had deeper implications that I did not recognize.

What’s Wrong with Burlap and Butterflies?

I vividly recall crouching uncomfortably on carpeted sanctuary steps, watching puppet shows during Mass. Lots and lots of puppet shows. “In fact,” I voiced, as I grew reflective, “almost the entirety of my First Communion catechesis was done through puppets.”

A meditation in inkpen and marker

On Holy Saturday, Juliana got up and, overwhelmed by the immanence of Easter, began to draw. The result (perhaps a new set of Mysteries for the Rosary, since there are five) has been pretty inspiring on my walls during this Octave; perhaps others will enjoy them too.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Something for Palm Sunday.

“Help!” – the ultimate Lenten discipline

“I need help! No, I can do it MYSELF!” (struggles) “Help!”

Toddlers and Lenten discipline, by Tim O’Malley.