Andrew Casad has been the Director of Liturgy and Catechumenate at Saint Thomas More Catholic Church in Chapel Hill, North Carolina since 2006. He holds a Master of Theological Studies in liturgical studies from the University of Notre Dame (2003) in addition to a Master of Arts in cultural anthropology from the University of California San Diego (2005). He is an online course facilitator for Notre Dame's Satellite Theological Education Program, has published in Catechumenate and Pastoral Liturgy, and frequently gives workshops throughout the Diocese of Raleigh.

The Eritrean Catholic Rite: Hybridity and Authenticity

I began studying Eritrean Christianity in 2003 by praying with and learning from Eritrean Orthodox Christians in San Diego at the beginning of my doctoral studies in cultural anthropology which subsequently lead to my fieldwork in Eritrea in 2005. Although it had been my intention to primarily gather more information about the Eritrean Orthodox liturgy while continuing my Tigrinya language studies I ended up spending most of my time with and learning from the Eritrean Catholic community.

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Houses of Catechumens?

Part of me senses that if we are serious about apprenticing people in the Christian way of life such that it permeates every aspect of their lives this formation must be done in an all encompassing environment of faith from dawn to dusk of every day (such as a family or a seminary) and not just on Sundays.

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