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Archive for March, 2014

Pope Shocker: New Ecumenical English Missal!

Pope Francis, ever taking people by surprise, in only the second year of his papacy, pointedly, on the feast day of a woman saint, St Theodora (April 1), is formally signing the declaration that he has the agreement of significant English-speaking churches and ecclesial communities to work towards a new Ecumenical English Missal.

Archbishop Gregory on new missal: “…flaws and difficulties… it needs correction…”

What we need to do now, after a period of time of living with it, come back and say, not: “We told you so!” – which I think a lot of pastors want to say – “We told you not to do that!” [laughter] but to say, “It’s inadequate for this reason…”

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Bishop Morlino (Madison): Ban on washing women’s feet remains

Bishop Morlino will wash the feet of 12 seminarians at St. Patrick’s Church.

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Yves Congar, My Journal of the Council, Part XXXIII

Dinner at a restaurant in the Piazza Navona, in the open air. We saw normal people again, to whom our byzantine intrigues would have absolutely NOTHING to say!

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Are the translations of the Pope’s tweets following Comme le Prevoit?

NPR recently interviewed Monsignor Daniel Gallagher who translates the Pope’s tweets into Latin.

Organist from Rome apointed to Salt Lake City Cathedral

Gabriele Terrone has served as the Titular Organist at the Papal Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome Since November of 2011.

Fr. Daniel Durken, OSB: RIP

Requiescat in pace.

Viewpoint: Is the Church Judge, Therapist, or Mother?

In the area of the Christian moral life, I suggest, there are three principal images at work: the Church as judge, the Church as therapist, and the Church as mother.

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Non Solum: The Renewal of Baptismal Promises during Easter Day Mass

I am looking for some clarity regarding of the issue of the Sprinkling Rite and Renewal of Baptismal Promises at Easter Sunday Masses in relationship to our new translation of the Roman Missal.


Pope Francis removes Bishop Tebartz-van Elst

“A bishop who does not serve the community is not good. A priest who does not serve his community is preposterous.” – Pope Francis

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