Over at Misguided Missal there is a petition to Cardinal O’Malley about the missal you can sign. O’Malley is on the “team of eight” advising Pope Francis, so of course we want his ear.

I signed. With just a few misgivings, some things I would have worded differently here and there. But that’s probably a hang-up of academics – just get 6 of us around a table to wordsmith a statement and watch the hours go by while the first phrase of the first sentence is perfected.

This petition says a bit too much (for me) about theological problems in the new missal. If they mean mistranslations that falsify the Latin and in some cases suggest heresy (eg. the seemingly Unitarian collect for Trinity Sunday), count me in. But I suspect they mean things like the allegedly negative anthropology of the new Missal that puts down humans. Sorry, but I’m too Augustinian to go along with that. (I know myself – and dare I add, my confreres – too well.)

Also, on tactical grounds I think it probably closes doors when you tell Church authorities that their theology is wrong. It’d be best to focus on the poor quality and awkward English, and the need for a process (faithful to the Second Vatican Council) that is decentralized and allows for legitimate inculturation. And leave it at that.

But as I say, I signed. I hope you do too.


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