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Archive for May, 2013

German priests ask bishops to wait on Missal translation – UPDATE

Concerns about an inappropriate “linguistic register” have prompted the request.

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The Holy Spirit speaks to us through sacred art.

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“A culture of dialogue, listening, and mutual respect”

Pope Francis’ prayer intention for June.

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National Catholic Youth Choir Announces Tour

Excitement is building for the 14th season of the National Catholic Youth Choir camp and concert tour.

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Reading tea leaves

Has Pope Francis proved himself a stalwart friend of Summorum Pontificum or are we seeing “the end of the reform of the reform”?

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Some Liturgy and Music Events II: June – September 2013

Some additional Liturgy and Music Events for June – September 2013.

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How Pope Francis Made Liturgy Boring Again (And Why That’s a Good Thing)

After the initial whiplash effect of the change in liturgical style from Benedict to Francis, what is interesting about Francis’s liturgical choices is how thoroughly uninteresting they are.

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Some Liturgy and Music Events: Summer, 2013

Four conferences this summer on liturgical music, at which Fr. Michael Joncas will be speaking.

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Synchronized, Worldwide Eucharistic Adoration

Given my interest in liturgical practices and the internet, I am intrigued by this:   The Vatican has announced that an hour of synchronized, worldwide Eucharistic Adoration will be broadcast from St. Peter’s Basilica this coming Sunday, 2 June, from 5:00-6:00pm (local time).  “It will be an event,” Archbishop Fisichella explained, “occurring for the first […]

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Silence and Sound in Religious Expression: Dissonance or Harmony?

Clive Lawton, a BBC presenter, explores how different religious traditions balance silence and sound in liturgy and spiritual practice.

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