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Archive for March 28th, 2013

Pope Francis to work midnight shift at McDonald’s to help the poor

The manager who reviewed the Holy Father’s application stated that the Pope was, “ridiculously overqualified” for the job, but added, “but like, he’s the Pope. How exactly do you say no to him?”


Its official: the pope washed the feet of females at Holy Thursday Mass

A small folk group led the singing of hymns and the Mass parts to the accompaniment of a guitar. Vatican spokesman, Fr Federico Lombardi SJ, said the evening was an “extremely moving” experience.

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Pope Francis says God is like a father and mother

“God is interested in every man and woman, like a good father and a good mother is interested in each child…” – Pope Francis

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Tantum ergo

How my grandmother taught me about Aquinas.

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“Not so much about trappings and fine fabrics”: Pope Francis at Chrism Mass

“The beauty of all these liturgical things is not so much about trappings and fine fabrics than about the glory of our God resplendent in his people…” – Pope Francis

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