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Archive for March 25th, 2013

Good Friday, the Child Abuse Scandal, and The Long Dark Winter’s Night

In his book The Long Dark Winter’s Night: Reflections of a Priest in a Time of Pain and Privilege, Father Philip Bergquist, formerly of St. Raphael Catholic Church in Fairbanks, Alaska, uses the metaphor of living through the long Alaskan winter to describe his own struggles with the crisis gripping the Roman Catholic church over the sexual abuse committed by priests and the reactions of bishops to that abuse. Theologically, it is a liturgical treatise on Good Friday, filled with stories and reflections about how a Church Grieving meets its suffering Savior at the foot of the cross, “where heaven’s hope and humanity’s wounds meet.”

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Msgr. Jim Moroney: Pope Emeritus Benedict was Liturgical Leader with Exceptional Support for the New English Missal

Msgr. James Moroney had the privilege of working with Pope Benedict on the completion of the new English translation of the Roman Missal.

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Pope Francis: Complete Pray Tell Coverage

Pray Tell has given extensive coverage to the election of Pope Francis. Stay tuned.

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Papal Election Raises Alarm for Some Latin Mass Fans

“Yes, he’s the bishop of Rome, yes, he’s got a special place in the church … but people need to wean themselves off looking to him constantly and assuming that everything he does we have to do, and everything he doesn’t do, we can’t do,” Adam DeVille told NCR.

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