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Archive for March 20th, 2013

Pope Francis is Inviting 3,000 of Rome’s Poor to Holy Thursday Mass (SUPERSEDED)

Pope Francis wants 3,000 of Rome’s poor to be present at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday

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The Sacred Music Cardinal Bergoglio (Pope Francis) Likes: Misa Criolla

Contacts from Argentina tell me that Missa Criolla is the Pope’s favorite Mass and was a favorite gift for him to give visitors to Argentina.

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Luther Seminary cuts faculty and staff, suspends Sacred Music and Ph.D. programs

“This is a hard day for Luther Seminary as we announce very difficult decisions,” said Rick Foss, interim president.

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Who Moved the Candles?

Sure wonder what’s going on over there.

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Is He “Pope” or “Bishop of Rome”?

This word choice contains a clear message, regarding both the sense of episcopal collegiality and of ecumenism.

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Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew as “Brothers”

Francis, who listened to the words of the Patriarch seated on an armchair rather than the throne that is customarily used in the Clementine Hall, thanked Bartholomew I, calling him “my brother Andrew.”

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Pontifex Limerix

Some clever limericks on pope and pope emeritus.

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Pope Francis, Liturgist

…[A]s we welcome a new pope who also happens to be a Jesuit, many are wondering what his approach to liturgy will be. Will it be practical or ideological? Will “creativity” be, as it was under Benedict, a negative word, or will it be a positive one? Pope Francis trained as a chemist. He spent most of his career in pastoral and administrative roles, engaging in worship not as a scholarly observer, a critic, or a theoretician, but rather as a pastor whose most passionate concern has been for the poor. What sort of liturgist will Pope Francis be?

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Reading the Language of Papal Clothing

A model drawn from social anthropology can shed light on the differences in papal vesture.

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