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Archive for March 19th, 2013

Reading the Franciscan Tea Leaves

“While I applaud the gestures [of simplification- ed.] and the intent, they give me unease only insofar as they give cheer to those iconoclasts who think that beauty is bad. This lot would condemn us all to celebrating communion using the latest in 1960s pottery on an overturned canoe on a beach or upended rubbish bin in an alley.”

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The “Room of Tears,” All Ready for the Newly-Elected Pope

All the finery was there, ready for the new pope. But he had another plan.

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Francis at inaugural Mass: Pope must be servant, ‘inspired by lowly’

“It will be interesting to see, in this age of instant communication, whether those bishops who have begun preaching with miter and crosier will dial it all back in imitation of Pope Francis,” someone or the other said.

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Huge, Earth-Shaking Aspect to the Papal Installation Liturgy

I’m still here in Collegeville, but someone I know looked over the shoulder of a Sistine chorister …

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CNN: American Catholics Approve of Pope Francis

Eighty-eight percent of American Catholics approve of his selection as pope. By contrast, a poll in April, 2005 found only 60% of Americans Catholics approved of the selection of Pope Benedict, the predecessor to Francis.

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