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Archive for March 13th, 2013

Images of Pope Francis: Washing a Woman’s Feet


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Slate (!!) on the Liturgical Views of the New Pope

“Liturgical traditionalists can only be depressed by this election – it is almost the worst result…”

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First Impressions of Pope Francis

Pope Francis I made his first public appearance wearing house dress, not choir dress. He doesn’t care much for ecclesiastical pomp and splendor, we read.

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Pope Francis

Well, that was a surprise.

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Pope Francis: liturgical first steps

I must say I was very moved by the fact that the new Pope, before giving his first papal blessing from the balcony of St. Peter’s, bowed his head and asked the community to invoke God’s blessing on him, to empower him for his ministry.

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Underground Liturgy in China: two questions

CNN has this story on a priest in China’s underground Church. There is a lot of footage of the liturgy, which seems quite interesting and raises two questions.

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Today’s Orations in the New English Missal

Both these translation errors in themselves might be construed as trivial, but they do interfere with the meaning of the text. More important, it seems from studies of the Missal that such small errors are by no means infrequent.

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