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Archive for March 10th, 2013

How a Lutheran Cardinal-Elector Might Vote

I received an email recently that rocked me to the core, first with laughter, and then with much more seriousness. It came from a Roman Catholic friend, inviting me to share “what a ‘Lutheran elector’ would be looking for in the next pope.” Is there some cardinal, anxious to hear a word from faithful voices beyond the boundaries of the Roman Catholic church? I can’t imagine a Lutheran being invited personally inside the conclave as an elector, or even as a delegate-observer. But perhaps it is not too much to dream that insights from a Lutheran might be taken into consideration, even if spoken in the quiet pre-conclave conversations in which the real electors are engaged and not during the conclave itself. So I replied to my friend, and thought I might share those reflections more publicly here as well, as they touch on much of what PrayTellBlog readers regularly discuss.

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Liturgical Views of the Papabili: Cardinal Marc Ouellet

Ouellet has emphasized liturgical form, devoting considerable resources to preparing celebrations that are beautiful and well executed. Nothing is improvised or left to spontaneity. His concern that liturgy be beautiful and well done means that he can become quite meticulous and fussy.

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Liturgical Views of the Papabili: Cardinal André Vingt-Trois

The ars celebrandi at Notre-Dame is solemn, but not sumptuous, ample without falling into the trap of ceremonial overkill. When he presides, the Cardinal avoids projecting of his personality and never adopts the manner of a talk-show host; he relates to the liturgy with sobriety and great discretion.

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