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Archive for November, 2012

Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium: Article 18

1) How have the Council Fathers’ intentions for on-going liturgical formation for the clergy been carried out in practice over the last fifty years? 2) What concrete “means” have been or could be developed that would successfully achieve the goals of this on-going formation in the present? 3) To what extent should this on-going professional liturgical education be expected of other servant-leaders of community worship?


Anything but the Pope’s Interpretation of Vatican II is Heresy!

What Pope Benedict XVI has termed “the hermeneutic of reform, of renewal in continuity” is the “only possible interpretation according to the principles of Catholic theology,” according to the prefect of the CDF.

First Scientific Poll on New Missal: Mixed, Rather Positive Results

70% agree or strongly agree that the newly translated Missal is a good thing. 30% disagree or disagree strongly.

Weigel and Ruff on the New English Missal

“Wrinkles remain to be ironed out. Some of the new texts themselves could have used another editorial rinsing, in my judgment. But in the main, the new translations are an immense improvement and seem to have been received as such.” – George Weigel

Applications Being Accepted for the 2013 National Catholic Youth Choir

The National Catholic Youth Choir is currently accepting applicants for its 14th season to be held June 17 – July 2, 2013.


Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium: Article 17

Celebrating liturgy in the seminary and equivalent houses of formation has its own part to play; intellectual study of the liturgy without integration with proper celebration of the liturgy misforms seminarians and their equivalents.


New Capo Ufficio for CDWDS

The Holy Father has named as Capo Ufficio of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments Reverend Father Abbot Dom Michael John Zielinski, OSB Oliv.

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Academy of Sacred Music in Scotland will counteract “lousy music at Mass”

“Young people need the transformative power of sacred music to balance that, but instead they are getting banal, happy-clappy stuff at Mass. Sacred music can lift young people up and help them embrace more noble ideas, yet it is not sung in many Catholic churches in Scotland.”

The “Cost of Discipleship”

Here are the current prices for items prepared by Rome’s most renowned tailor, Gammarelli, which has traditionally been the Pope’s tailor.

Robert Mickens on “The Vatican Implosion”

“I define The Vatican Implosion as the collapse of an entire system, a structure, an ethos, a culture if you will, of global church governance. It’s the crumbling of what’s as close to an absolute monarchy as anything that ever existed in the world…”