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Archive for July, 2012

Holy Communion and Celiac Disease

What resources are available for parishioners who need low-gluten hosts?


Clothed in the spirit – Clergy stoles taking expressive forms

Mary Jacobs of the United Methodist Reporter reports on the “varied, colorful, elaborate and often symbolically or personally significant” stoles being worn by United Methodist clergy these days.

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James MacMillan and the Musical Modes of Mary and the Cross

Presented by Sacred Music at Notre Dame and the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, a festival conference for “debate around the issues of composing and performing sacred music today,” at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN.

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This Week’s Discussion Question: Should People Dress Up for Church?

Does it matter what people wear to church? Is the move to casual Sunday dress an important – or problematic – cultural shift?


How Do You Solve the Problem of Translation?

“Just stick with et cum spiritu tuo.

Olympic Liturgy!

by Pádraig McCarthy
The opening ceremony of the London Olympics was striking for its liturgical rites and allusions.

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“Reform of the Reform” Scholar Leaves Vatican

Nothing is known about the reason for Uwe Michael Lang’s departure. As his call to Rome was heartily greeted by traditionalist circles, his return to London has been met with regret.

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New Catholic liturgy receives mixed reviews

When a recent prayer spoke of abasement, many heard a basement.

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Salzburg to Lincoln Center, Spirituality Is On the Program

From the New York Times: Spirituality is infusing classical music programming, from a special festival in Salzburg, Austria, to Lincoln Center’s White Light Festival.


NPM 2012 – Pittsburgh

NPM is reeeally big, and it sure is exciting to be with over 2,000 musicians for a week of not just great music in every style under the sun, but seriously reflection on ministry, discipleship, living the Gospel.