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Archive for June, 2012

Evening Prayer for Religious Liberty – ??

I would love for someone to reflect on liturgy as political ideology


Msgr. Wadsworth on liturgical “misunderstandings and irregularities”

Over at the Chant Cafe they have the text of the address by Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth, Executive Secretary of ICEL, at the meeting of the Church Music Association of America. There are a number of interesting features.

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Caesar, Chomsky and Comme le Prévoit

The principles underlying the new translation of the Mass fail to make any distinction between ‘deep’ and ‘surface’ structures of language.

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Funeral vestments in Madison: a correction

I don’t know whether Bishop Morlino is mandating or simply making strong suggestions about funeral vestments. I look forward to finding out.

Funeral vestment color in Madison, WI

Bishop Morlino of Madison, WI instructed his priests at a funeral this morning to wear purple or black vestments for funerals.

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Shakeup at Vatican Worship Office

The new secretary of the CDW is Bishop Arthur Roche, bishop of Leeds and chairmen of ICEL 2002-2012.

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Belleville bishop removes pastor for improvising prayers

Bishop Edward Braxton has removed William Rowe as pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Mount Carmel, Illinois, because he rewords the texts of the liturgy.

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This Week’s Discussion Question: Utrum “dic nigrum, fac rubrum” sit clavis ad liturgiam bonam?

Each week this summer, a Pray Tell contributor puts up a question for discussion. Here is this week’s.

Bishop Serratelli: Why Some People Don’t Sing in Church

Others suggest that the increased professionalism and prominence given to the music ministry may work against congregational participation.

Just What Is the Creed for the Year of Faith?

The Vatican website for the Year of Faith is up.