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Archive for April, 2012

Hot off the Press — Book Giveaway!

This week we’re giving away five copies of a new book: Paul Bradshaw and Max Johnson’s The Eucharistic Liturgies: Their Evolution and Interpretation

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Cardinal Dolan on the Vatican to the Sisters

The Vatican says to the sisters, “We appreciate the dialogue, we want to keep it going. But let’s do it as friends, in a very reasoned dialogue. The sisters seem to appreciate the friendship and the invitation to dialogue.” – Cardinal Dolan

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Funeral Rites for Fr. Cody Unterseher (updated 5/4)

The hope of resurrection, and faith in God’s promises, were sustaining notes throughout the celebration.


“For you and for many” is ecumenical progress – a Protestant viewpoint

For some time now, most of the Protestant churches have been saying “for you and for many.”

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Two Petitions: Translation and Nuns

The two petitions – one on the liturgical translation and one on the nuns – are similar in many ways.

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Catholics and Protestants: Liturgy unites…and divides; Politics unites…and divides

A growing number of mainline Protestants now worship much like Catholics.

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The Bunny Scandal (UPDATED)

Well, it had to show up here eventually.

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Another translation controversy

Translating the Bible into modern Hebrew causes a controversy in Israel.

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A “Time of Testing” for Pastoral Ministers

Increasingly church ministers lament that they “went into ministry under completely different conditions, with completely different expectations.” Church workers report with ever greater frequency that they strive to be loyal to the church, but this makes them feel “disloyal to their own soul.”

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Cell Phones in Church

“Welcome, and thank you for worshiping with us today…”