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Archive for October, 2011

Halloween Treat: Mark Schweizer’s “Liturgical Mysteries”

The major character and narrator is Hayden Konig, who is the Chief of Police of St. Germaine, North Carolina, organist at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, and an aspiring crime noir writer.

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Visiting with the conductor of the Westminster Cathedral Choir

In El Sistema method of music education, students attend regular school and also receive daily music education.

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An odd claim from Bishop Slattery

Did the old liturgy need fixing??

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More accurate translation????

I want a more faithful translation.

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Nuptial Blessing: saying something nice about the new translation.

Rita’s featured post, along with Philip Sandstrom’s comment, sent me scurrying to see what the parts of the marriage rite contained in the new Missal translation looked like.


Warning: Deconstruction Zone Ahead

It is time to consider what awaits us if the other rites of the Church receive the same treatment as the Missal.


The Newman Hymnal

A new planning resource from the University of Notre Dame.

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The Washington Post on the new translation

This morning’s Washington Post has a story on the new translation which translates everything into the categories of secular politics, maybe because Church politics are just too bizarre and byzantine for someone outside the Church to grasp.

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St. John’s Abbey Breuer Church at 50

“The church is the house of God; in the midst of a world filled with the powers of evil, it is a place where God reigns supreme. The church is the house of God’s people, a place open to all where the faithful gather for prayer. The church is the place of sacrifice; the object in the church most worthy of veneration is the altar, which is the symbol of Christ.” — from the 1961 consecration

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What Mass setting on roll-out Sunday?

Michael Silhavy continues to report on Mass settings in parishes of Minneapolis-Saint Paul archdiocese on the First Sunday of Advent.

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