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Archive for April, 2011

Verger does cartwheels down aisle after royal wedding

He didn’t realize the cameras were still rolling. He was very happy at how well the ceremonies went. Yippee!

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Why do women see the world in shades of gray?

The male subjects were far more likely to assert that the objects were completely in or out of a particular category. The women, on the other hand, were more likely to reject absolute answers in favor of the “somewhat” (or “it’s not that simple”) option. The women were just as absolutely sure the answers were complex as the men were sure they were simple.

Extinguishing the Easter Candles — A Question about Symbols

Am I the only one who has misgivings when, at the Easter Vigil, the Celebrant invites the Congregation to extinguish their Easter candles at some point in the service (usually before the readings begin?

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Royal Nuptials

Tomorrow’s the big day for the happy couple. See what they’re planning and what the celebrant has to say.

UPDATED with links to the service-bulletin pdf.

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We were all wondering…


CCMLA 2011: Implementing the New Missal

Join us in Collegeville this summer for the Collegeville Conference on Music, Liturgy, and the Arts. This year’s theme: “Implementing the New Missal: Anxiety – Renewal – Opportunity.”


Pope Benedict faces unrest in his native land

73% of the general population in Germany say the Catholic Church should implement reforms such as optional celibacy and women’s ordination

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The Dove’s Kinswoman

by Jim McKay
“The Chrism Mass is celebrated two days before Easter, which parallels the anointing two days before the Passover. In the morning the bishop could preach to his priests about the anointing of Jesus, and in the evening those priests preach to their people about Jesus copying the position of the woman to wash his disciples’ feet.”

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NYTimes on the KJ Bible… and the new missal

The most powerful religious language is often a little elevated and incantatory, even ambiguous or just plain hard to understand.

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Quintessential Easter: Darkness and Light, Death and Rebirth

An article in this morning’s Washington Post reporting on some Easter Sunday celebrations in the D.C. area points us to the meaning of Easter itself.

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