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Archive for September, 2010

Quote of the day

“[T]o translate the Latin text and retain the Latin tone or notes has my sanction, though it doesn’t sound polished or well done….”

Augé and Ratzinger

Here is an interesting exchange on the Vatican II liturgical reforms between Fr. Matias Auge CMF and then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

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St. Basil School of Gregorian Chant, Houston

They’re serious about Gregorian chant in Texas. Eight Saturday mornings, starting this coming Saturday, October 2nd

Richard Proulx on national program

Richard Proulx will air nationally in a two-part series of “With Heart and Voice.”


Christian Reformed “slackers” – church only once on Sunday

Grand Rapids Press reports that worship attendance is down at the Sunday evening service among the Christian Reformed.

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Orthodox council in 2012?

Plans for a gathering of the entire Orthodox family have never been closer to realization.

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Uniformity, Idolatry, and Spoken Liturgy

It’s now official: no pointing of orations in the new English missal.

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Deus gratias?

A liturgy blog received a question from a seminarian.


President Obama and the BVM

President Obama always carries a picture of Mary Help of Christians in his wallet.

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The authentic “Gather us In”

Congregate us, the rich and the boastful,
Congregate us who are the stiffnecked,
Give unto us a humble and meek heart
That boldly we may enter the song.