Letters to The Tablet, 17 September

…I was responding rather sharply to a piece by Fr Allen Morris, until recently secretary of the English and Welsh bishops’ liturgy office. On 17 September, he had written a letter defending against a critic what is said in a UK edition of the new texts, namely that the bishops had been overseeing their gestation for about 20 years.

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Time to say ‘yes’ – sort of

“The new Missal should be allowed to stand on its own and be judged for what it is, not for what we priests decide to make of it. I am of the opinion that the Missal will in time – I’m guessing not a long time – be judged deficient, but an informed judgement will never be made if we priests, even for the best of motives, give our people not the new Missal but our version of it. So we should do whatever is necessary to prepare our people for the new Missal but not take on the responsibility for making it work by doctoring or diluting it.” – Fr. Michael Ryan

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Living with the Missal in Scotland

What kind of obedience do Catholics owe the Church, with reference to the new English translation of the Roman Missal? Even before its introduction this autumn, there has been a glimpse from Scotland of the way some parishes and their priests are reacting, not with open defiance, but with excuses and ­prevarication as to why their parish is not yet “ready” for the new Missal. Bishop Peter Moran, outgoing Bishop of Aberdeen, spoke recently of “a certain amount of resistance in the parishes”, which was a “challenge.”

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