Christ the King 2011: an Englishman preaches in Bunker Hill

If we celebrate this feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King here in the US, we need to recognise that so much of what is valuable and precious in this country arises from a rejection of the idea of kingship, a recognition that the political power of this world can often be dysfunctional and abusive, that human freedom and dignity need to be safeguarded.

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Standing during the communion rite

I want to set forth the value of standing during the communion rite, from the time of the Our Father until the time of silent prayer after communion. My argument is based on the values inherent in every version of the General Instruction from 1969 to the present, as well as the changes made in the 2002 edition. My argument is: When one studies carefully the changes in the 2002 GIRM, one sees that there is an even stronger case for (relative) uniformity of the posture of standing throughout the communion rite, pace the current US practice.

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Msgr. Wadsworth talks new missal translation in New York — Part II

Such a personal thing, isn’t it, music? Our own formulations, our own likes and our own dislikes which we, I’m sure, on occasion, are all tempted to rehearse. “What I can’t stand is…” whatever. We all have that within us. Isn’t it interesting that God in his providence gives us a form of communal celebration which contains something which is so very personal, and which we are called to, somehow, overcome any personal thought or tendency and accept something which unites us, rather than divides us.

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