America on the new translation

“Can we talk about a new edition of the Missal, not someday, but soon? (A costly question, for sure, but something tells me that many a priest would gladly help foot the bill.) Can we keep talking, not letting weariness with the whole business or indifference or fear of reprisals prevent us from talking and listening to each other?” – Fr. Michael Ryan

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Time to say ‘yes’ – sort of

“The new Missal should be allowed to stand on its own and be judged for what it is, not for what we priests decide to make of it. I am of the opinion that the Missal will in time – I’m guessing not a long time – be judged deficient, but an informed judgement will never be made if we priests, even for the best of motives, give our people not the new Missal but our version of it. So we should do whatever is necessary to prepare our people for the new Missal but not take on the responsibility for making it work by doctoring or diluting it.” – Fr. Michael Ryan

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James Savage: 30 years at Seattle cathedral

“The music program of St. James Cathedral has come to be recognized throughout this country as both superior and superb: the organists, the Cathedral Choir of St. James, the Women of St. James Schola, the Cathedral Cantorei, the Cathedral Chamber Orchestra, and the Cathedral’s three children’s choirs (Schola Cantorum, St. Gregory Choir, St. Cecilia Singers). When Jim Savage arrived on the scene, there was an organist and a rather small choir.” – Fr. Mike Ryan, Seattle

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