The Monks and the Modernist: What the Benedictines Built at Collegeville

Marcel Breuer would have been proud. So would Baldwin Dworschak. And maybe even St. Benedict as well. Breuer, the New York Bauhaus-trained architect, and Dworschak, the far-sighted abbot of a Benedictine monastery in rural Minnesota, were the central figures in a unique collaboration that produced one of the masterpieces of twentieth-century religious architecture, the acclaimed St. John’s Abbey and University Church.

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Perpetually 1962?

“According to [the April 2011 instruction from Ecclesia Dei], liturgical decrees issued since 1962 which are not compatible with the liturgical books then in use are not binding on Tridentine celebrations.” It’s perpetually 1962 for the Extraordinary Form, in other words.

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