Wishing you a Not-so-Merry Christmas

A Chestertonian view of Christmas. “… there is in that image a true idea of an outpost, of a piercing through the rock and an entrance into an enemy territory. There is in this buried divinity an idea of undermining the world; of shaking the towers and palaces from below; even as Herod the great king felt that earthquake under him and swayed with his swaying palace.”

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Another Christmas Day Homily

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to preach on Christmas day, so I took advantage of this to preach on John 1. In fact, I used it as an opportunity to preach on how we might think of this text in connection with the Christmas story. No one rose up; no one smote me; no one even said, “Why didn’t you read the Christmas story?” In fact, a couple of people said they liked the homily.

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