Blog Staff and Editorial Advisory Committee


  • Anthony Ruff, OSB:  Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB, teaches liturgy, liturgical music, and Gregorian chant at the College of Saint Benedict / St. John’s University – School of Theology and Seminary. He is the founder of the National Catholic Youth Choir. He is the author of Sacred Music and Liturgical Reform: Treasures and Transformations, and Responsorial Psalms for Weekday Mass: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter. He is organist and director of music at Saint John’s Abbey.

Blog Assistants

  • Abbey Dupuy – Abbey Dupuy is pursuing a master’s degree in Liturgical Music at Saint John’s School of Theology. She serves as Director of Music and Liturgy at St. Benedict’s in Avon, MN and has been on staff at Pray Tell since January 2020.
  • Matthew Nelson – Matt Nelson graduated from Saint John’s School of Theology in 2020 with a Masters of Theological Studies degree. He currently works as a campus minister and high school theology teacher in Portland, OR. He has been with Pray Tell intermittently since 2017.
  • Andrew Stoebig, LDA – Deacon Andrew Stoebig, LDA, is a doctoral candidate in musicology at the University of Minnesota and a master’s student in liturgy at St. John’s School of Theology. He is currently President of the Community of Lutheran Deacons, a community of the Lutheran Diaconal Association.

Editorial Advisory Committee

  • Nathan Chase – Nathan P. Chase is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Liturgical & Sacramental Theology at the Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis. Nathan is a recent graduate from the University of Notre Dame’s liturgical studies program. He has contributed a number of articles to the field of liturgical studies, including a number on the Hispano-Mozarabic liturgical tradition.
  • Rita Ferrone – Rita Ferrone, a contributor to the blog since its inception, is an award-winning writer and frequent speaker on issues of liturgy and church renewal in the Roman Catholic tradition. She is currently a contributing writer and columnist for Commonweal magazine and an independent scholar. She is the former editor of The Yale ISM Review, an ecumenical journal of worship and the arts for the Yale Institute of Sacred Music.
  • Katharine E. Harmon – Katharine E. Harmon is an Assistant Professor of Theology at Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana. She has contributed more than a dozen articles and chapters to the fields of liturgical studies and American Catholicism, and is the author of There Were Also Many Women There: Lay Women in the Liturgical Movement in the United States. She currently serves as Convener of the Modern Worship seminar of the North American Academy of Liturgy.
  • John Kyler – John Kyler serves as Editor for Liturgy and Music at Liturgical Press in Collegeville, MN. In addition to experience working in parish faith formation and high school and collegiate campus ministry, John is an active liturgical musician, composer and speaker, focusing on the intersection of liturgy, justice and healthy vulnerability in pastoral ministry. John holds a Master of Education from the University of Notre Dame and a Master of Theological Studies from Saint John’s University.