Summer “What We’re Reading” Wednesday

This summer I started with Zygmunt Baumann’s piece on postmodernity entitled “Liquid Modernity.” Then I read Wm. Young’s “The Shack” which friends had been urging for a long time. I can see why. It’s a fascinating take on the Trinity and theodicy. I’ve also read Bill Barry’s “A Friendship Like No Other” and Jim Martin’s “Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything.” Both are wonderful spiritual guides. For ‘fun’ I’m reading

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Catholic Music Throughout the Ages by Edward Schaefer

Anyone looking for an apologia for the use (in the author’s ideal world, the use exclusively) of Gregorian chant in the Roman Catholic liturgy today will welcome this book, which contains a historical survey of the growth and development of music in the Church, a critique of the current situation, and proposals for the future of liturgical music.

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The Genius of the Roman Rite, by Keith Pecklers SJ

The author, Professor of Liturgy at the Pontifical Gregorian University and Professor of Liturgical History at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute in Rome, is a well-known writer and speaker; and he has done us all a service with this timely book. It should be required reading for anyone concerned with the forthcoming new Missal, translation for the liturgy, and pastoral dimensions of liturgical change.

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