Pope Francis, Liturgist

…[A]s we welcome a new pope who also happens to be a Jesuit, many are wondering what his approach to liturgy will be. Will it be practical or ideological? Will “creativity” be, as it was under Benedict, a negative word, or will it be a positive one? Pope Francis trained as a chemist. He spent most of his career in pastoral and administrative roles, engaging in worship not as a scholarly observer, a critic, or a theoretician, but rather as a pastor whose most passionate concern has been for the poor. What sort of liturgist will Pope Francis be?

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Reading the Franciscan Tea Leaves

“While I applaud the gestures [of simplification- ed.] and the intent, they give me unease only insofar as they give cheer to those iconoclasts who think that beauty is bad. This lot would condemn us all to celebrating communion using the latest in 1960s pottery on an overturned canoe on a beach or upended rubbish bin in an alley.”

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