Riddles and parables and the pursuit of wisdom

I get a lot of my theological energy from dabbling in things that, on the face of it, are not theology. Fantasy is one of those things, and always has been — you might almost say that the first theological work I read, or perhaps the first work I read theologically, was the Lord of the Rings. There are works of fantasy I go to when I think my theological imagination is exhausted, and I find it again there. These are books that are not really about magic, but about mystery: about what draws us on, inward into ourselves and outward into the world in spite of our fear of what we might find in either place.

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Shared Lent, Holy Week, and Easter Octave in the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms: a Proposal

I propose that a revised EF missal for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter octave inclusive might foster greater enichment between the two forms. In this way, parishes which celebrate both forms can share in the mysteries of the summit of the Christian year rather than follow two different paths for the lectionary and presidential prayers.

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