Children’s Choir Director: World Meeting of Families Offers Chance to See “A Side of the Church People Do Not Get to See”

Elizabeth Folger and Michael Zubert served as assistant directors of of the Archdiocesan children’s choir under John Romeri. After Romeri’s resignation, Folger and Zubert found themselves in the role of directors of the children’s choir just in time for the World Meeting of Families and Papal Mass.

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Preaching as an ecclesial response to the gospel

“Preaching is about naming and claiming God’s love present in the room. It’s about that Holy Spirit that isn’t given to the preacher and then transmitted to the people: that Spirit is in each one there and they communicate back and forth. Churches that have call-and-response to the preaching moment get this phenomenon, and to them,crying babies are just another ‘amen’ section” (from

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