Richard is an Anglican priest who has served on both sides of the Atlantic, latterly as dean of the Episcopal Cathedral in Philadelphia, where he oversaw a radical renovation of the building's interior. His specialism is the design of liturgical space, and his books 'Re-Pitching the Tent' and 'Creating Uncommon Worship' are published by Liturgical Press. He now lives in Tynemouth, UK.

Royal Wedding Liturgy

The marriage of Prince William to Catherine Middleton was a fairytale event in a troubled world. They are a highly popular young couple and everyone wishes them well. All the more disappointing therefore was the fact that the wedding rite seemed so far adrift from people of their age group, and from the life of the Church as regular worshippers know it.

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Generosity of Spirit

There are ways, when we design or re-design our liturgical spaces, in which buildings set aside for Christian worship might be made more hospitable to all seekers after God, particularly to those of other Abrahamic faiths… This is a corrective of vital importance in this age when extremism threatens to engulf all three Abrahamic religions, and when mutual suspicion and arrogant dismissal is so often the order of the day.

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