Paul F. Ford, Ph.D., has been professor of theology and liturgy at St. John Seminary, Camarillo, CA, since February of 1988. He is the author of By Flowing Waters: Chant for the Liturgy (The Liturgical Press, 1999) and the convener of the five-member Collegeville Composers Group, authors of Psallite: Sacred Song for Liturgy and Life (The Liturgical Press, 2005–2010).

Mass facing the people—a defense

To some readers of Pray Tell it might seem eyebrow-raising to be addressing this issue in the summer of 2012. But some of our friends continue to assert that we regular celebrators of the OF are laboring under a massive misunderstanding of the implementation documents of the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

So let’s look at this issue again.

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